Germany (European Parliament constituency)

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European Parliament constituency
Map of the European Parliament constituencies with Germany highlighted in red
Location among the current constituencies
Member stateGermany
MEPs81 (1979–1994)
99 (1994–2014)
96 (2014–present)

Germany (German: Deutschland) is a European Parliament constituency representing the entire country of Germany. It was created in 1979.

Before German reunification in 1990, only West Germany was a member of the European Union, so the constituency of Germany did not include East Germany. In 1990, when they both merged again to become Germany, the constituency expanded to include all of Germany.

Election results[change | change source]

Christian Democratic Union8,438,97522.5723–6
Alliance 90/The Greens7,677,07120.5321+10
Social Democratic Party5,916,88215.8216–11
Alternative for Germany4,104,45310.9811+4
Christian Social Union2,355,0676.306+1
The Left2,056,0495.505–2
Free Democratic Party2,028,5945.425+2
Die PARTEI899,0792.402+1
Free Voters806,7032.162+1
Human Environment Animal Protection542,2261.4510
Ecological Democratic Party369,8690.9910
Family Party273,8280.7310
Volt Germany249,0980.671New
Pirate Party Germany243,3020.6510
Democracy in Europe Movement 2025130,2290.350New
National Democratic Party101,0110.270–1
Action Party for Animal Protection99,7800.270New
Party for the Animals85,8090.230New
Bavaria Party81,8800.2200
Grey Panthers76,2550.200New
The Greys71,2950.190New
Partei für Gesundheitsforschung70,8690.190New
Alliance for Innovation and Justice68,6470.180New
Alliance for Human Rights, Animal and Nature Protection68,5720.180New
Alliance C – Christians for Germany66,3270.180New
Party of Humanists62,6040.170New
From now on... Democracy by Referendum58,4000.1600
Feminist Party55,2930.150New
Liberal Conservative Reformers43,9610.120New
Basic Income Alliance40,8180.110New
Ecological Left35,7960.100New
Human World34,4700.090New
European Party Love33,1600.090New
The Violets27,7840.070New
Democracy Direct25,4490.070New
The Right24,5980.070New
German Communist Party20,3960.0500
Marxist–Leninist Party18,3420.0500
New Liberals15,9090.040New
Third Way12,7560.030New
Socialist Equality Party5,2830.0100
Valid votes37,396,88998.91
Invalid/blank votes410,8571.09
Total votes37,807,746100.00
Registered voters/turnout61,600,26361.38
Source: Federal Returning Officer

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