Gesher (2019 political party)

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LeaderOrly Levy
Founded25 December 2018
Split fromYisrael Beitenu
Social liberalism[1]
Economic egalitarianism[2]
Two-state solution[4]
Political positionCentre[5] to centre-left[6]
National affiliationLabor-Gesher
Colours  Dark Blue
1 / 120
Election symbol

Gesher (Hebrew: גשר, lit. Bridge) is a liberal and centrist[7] political party in Israel. It was created in December 2018 by former Yisrael Beitenu MK Orly Levy.

The party focuses on economic and cost-of-living issues, aiming to reduce inequality.[8] The name of the party is a reference to the party founded by Orly's father, David Levy.

Participating in the Netanyahu-Gantz Government.

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