Ghiyas ud din Balban

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Ghiyasuddin Balban
Sultan of Delhi
Grave in Balban's tomb enclosure.jpg
Grave in Balban's tomb enclosure, Mehrauli
PredecessorNasir ud din Mahmud
SuccessorMuiz ud din Qaiqabad (grandson)
IssueMuhammad Khan
Nasiruddin Bughra Khan

Ghiyash ud din Balban was a famous and one of the most powerful sultan of the "Mamluk" dynasty. The real name of Ghiyash ud din Balban was Ulug Khan. Title - Nabab E Khudayi ( acolyte of god), Jhil E Ellahi (shadow of god). Ghiyash ud din was the 2nd Illbari turkey sultan. He rules the delhi from 1266AD to 1286AD. He appointed a spying agency called "Barid". Amir khusrau (poet) came in India at the time of Ghiyash ud din Balban. Later Amir Khusrau become a famous court poet of Ala ud din Khilji.Some Treatises of Amir Khusrau are Kiran ush Sadin, Tughlak Nama etc. Amir khusrau also known as Parrot of India. Ghiyash ud din Balban enforce some laws like "Sizada" (penalize), "Paibas" (kissing the throne). Sultan Ghiyash ud din Balban created the first military department of Sultanat dynasty was called "Deowan-E-Arz".

After death of Sultan Illtutmish, Rukn ud din Feroz had been the ruler of the Delhi sultanat after that in the year 1236AD Sultana Razia had become the Sultan of Delhi sultanat and they are killed by Ghiyash ud din Balban.