Ghosts (board game)

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Ghosts in the middle of play.

Ghosts (Finnish: Kummituspeli, Swedish: Spökspelet) is a board game designed by Alex Randolph for two players, released in 1982 by Milton Bradley.

Gameplay[change | change source]

The game takes place on a 6×6 board representing a haunted castle. Both players are given eight ghosts, of which four are good (marked by a blue dot) and four are evil (marked by a red dot). The ghosts are assembled in two rows of four at the player's own edge of the board. At each of the four corners is an exit from the castle.

The idea of the game is that neither player knows which of the other player's ghosts are good and which are evil. Facing the front, all ghosts look the same. The dots are only on the back. The players can arrange the good and evil ghosts how they wish at the start of the game.

The game is turn-based. On his or her turn, each player moves one ghost one square, either up, down, left or right. A ghost may capture an opponent's ghost by moving to its square. Only when a ghost is captured does the opposing player know whether it is good or evil.

If a player captures all four of the opposing player's good ghosts, he or she has won the game. But if a player captures all four of the opposing player's evil ghosts, he or she has lost the game. The game can also be won by moving one of the good ghosts through one of the exits at the opposing side of the board.

The strategy of the game play involves mainly trying to guess which of the opponent's ghosts are which by their movement patterns and trying to fool the opponent with confusing movement patterns.