Giovanni Falcone

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Giovanni Salvatore Augusto Falcone (Palermo, 18th May 1939Palermo, May 23rd 1992) , known as Giovanni Falcone, was an Italian magistrate that fought against the Italian Mafia with his colleague Paolo Borsellino. They both spent their early years in the same neighbourhood in Palermo. Many of their childhood friends grew up in the Mafia background, both men fought on the other side of the war against crime in Sicily as prosecuting magistrates. They were both killed in 1992, a few months apart. He was killed by Cosa Nostra in the Strage di Capaci (Massacre of Capaci) .In recognition of their tireless effort and sacrifice during the anti-mafia trials, they were both awarded the Italian "Medaglia d'oro al valor civile" (Gold medal for civil valour). They were also named as heroes of the last 60 years in the 13 November 2006 issue of Time Magazine.

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