Gitega prison fire

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Gitega prison fire
Date7 December 2021
Time04:00 CAT
LocationGitega, Burundi
Coordinates03°25′34″S 29°56′08″E / 3.42611°S 29.93556°E / -3.42611; 29.93556Coordinates: 03°25′34″S 29°56′08″E / 3.42611°S 29.93556°E / -3.42611; 29.93556
CauseElectrical failure
Non-fatal injuries69+
Property damageUnknown

At around 04:00 CAT on 7 December 2021, a fire broke out in an overcrowded prison in Gitega, Burundi. It killed at least 38 people and injured over 69 others.[1]

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