Glenn Quagmire

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Glenn Quagmire
Family Guy character
First appearance"Death Has a Shadow"[1]
Voiced bySeth MacFarlane
Full nameGlenn Quagmire
OccupationCommercial airline pilot
  • Father: Ida (formerly Dan)
  • Mother: Unnamed
  • Brother: Gary
  • Sister: Brenda[2]
Spouse(s)Joan (Deceased)
Sharnese (Divorced)
ChildrenAnna Lee
  • Niece: Abby

Glenn Quagmire, usually called by his last name Quagmire, is a character from the animated television comedy show Family Guy. He lives on the same street as Peter Griffin and Joe Swanson, making them his neighbors. He is also best friends with the two. He works as a pilot. He is 55 years old, but looks younger because of his vegan diet. Quagmire is best known for having a lot of sex or making a lot of sex jokes with his catchphrase "Giggity". Peter Griffin, his best friend, once called him a "heartless sex hound". He also made one appearance in The Cleveland Show.

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