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Gnetum macrostachyum in Thailand.jpg
Gnetum macrostachyum in Thailand
Scientific classification e
Kingdom: Plantae
Clade: Tracheophytes
Division: Gnetophyta
Class: Gnetopsida
Order: Gnetales
Family: Gnetaceae
Genus: Gnetum
Map showing the range of Gnetum
  • Gnemon Rumph. ex Kuntze
  • Thoa Aubl.
  • Abutua Lour.
  • Arthostema Neck.

Gnetum is a group of plants. It is the only group of plants found in Gnetaceae. They are gymnosperms, meaning their seeds are "naked" and not covered unlike flowering plants.[2]

Plants in Gnetum are evergreen. Most of them are woody vines, but some are big enough to be trees. They are found in warmer, tropical regions of the world.[2] Some types, like Gnetum oxycarpum, are in danger of dying out, because they only live in small areas and the forest that they grow on is being turned into land for farming.[3]

Gnetum is part of a very old group of plants, called Gnetophyta. Gnetum may have been one of the first plants to be pollinated by insects, with other members of this group, known as Ephedra and Welwitschia.[2]

Species[change | change source]

According to the Plant List, these are the species in Gnetum:[4]

  1. Gnetum acutum Markgr.
  2. Gnetum africanum Welw.
  3. Gnetum arboreum Foxw.
  4. Gnetum bosavicum Markgr.
  5. Gnetum buchholzianum Engl.
  6. Gnetum camporum (Markgr.) D.W.Stev. & Zanoni
  7. Gnetum catasphaericum H.Shao
  8. Gnetum contractum Markgr.
  9. Gnetum costatum K.Schum.
  10. Gnetum cuspidatum Blume
  11. Gnetum diminutum Markgr.
  12. Gnetum formosum Markgr.
  13. Gnetum giganteum H.Shao
  14. Gnetum globosum Markgr.
  15. Gnetum gnemon L.
    1. Gnetum gnemon var. brunonianum (Griff.) Markgr.
    2. Gnetum gnemon var. griffithii (Parl.) Markgr.
  16. Gnetum gnemonoides Brongn.
  17. Gnetum gracilipes C.Y.Cheng
  18. Gnetum hainanense C.Y.Cheng ex L.K.Fu, Y.F.Yu & M.G.Gilbert
  19. Gnetum klossii Merr. ex Markgr.
  20. Gnetum latifolium Blume
    1. Gnetum latifolium var. funiculare Markgr.
    2. Gnetum latifolium var. laxifrutescens (Elmer) Markgr.
    3. Gnetum latifolium var. longipes (Markgr.) T.H.Nguyên
    4. Gnetum latifolium var. macropodum (Kurz) Markgr.
    5. Gnetum latifolium var. minus (Foxw.) Markgr.
  21. Gnetum leptostachyum Blume
  22. Gnetum leyboldii Tul.
  23. Gnetum loerzingii Markgr.
  24. Gnetum luofuense C.Y.Cheng
  25. Gnetum macrostachyum Hook.f.
  26. Gnetum microcarpum Blume
  27. Gnetum montanum Markgr.
  28. Gnetum neglectum Blume
  29. Gnetum nodiflorum Brongn.
  30. Gnetum oblongum Markgr.
  31. Gnetum oxycarpum Ridl.
  32. Gnetum paniculatum Spruce ex Benth.
  33. Gnetum parvifolium (Warb.) W.C.Cheng
  34. Gnetum pendulum C.Y.Cheng
  35. Gnetum raya Markgr.
  36. Gnetum ridleyi Gamble ex Markgr.
  37. Gnetum schwackeanum Taub. ex Schenck
  38. Gnetum tenuifolium Ridl.
  39. Gnetum ula Brongn.
  40. Gnetum urens (Aubl.) Blume
  41. Gnetum venosum Spruce ex Benth.

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