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Gnonnas Pedro

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Gnonnan Sossou Pierre Kouassivi, known by the stage name Gnonnas Pedro was a singer and musician from Lokossa,[1][2] Benin. He is best known as the lead singer of Africando between 1995 and his death in 2004.

Gnonnas Pedro died August 12, 2004, age 61 of prostate cancer in a hospital of Cotonou, Benin.

Discography[change | change source]

Solo[change | change source]

  • Dadjes: The Band Of Africa (1975)
  • Gnonnas Pedro (Disco Stock, 1979)
  • El Cochechivo (Ledoux, 1981)
  • Agbadja (Syllart, 1999)
  • Irma koi (Syllart, 1999)
  • The best of Gnonnas Pedro (2003)

With Africando[change | change source]

  • Gombo Salsa (Stern's Africa STCD1071, 1996)
  • Baloba (Stern's Africa STCD1082, 1998)
  • Mandali (Stern's Africa STCD1092, 2000) Credited to Africando All Stars. Released in France as Betece
  • Live! (Sono CDS8907, double CD, 2001) Out of print
  • Martina (Stern's Africa STCD1096, 2003)
  • Ketukuba (Stern's Africa STCD1103, 2006) Released after his death.

References[change | change source]