Godzilla 1985

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Godzilla 1985
Directed byR. J. Kizer
Koji Hashimoto (original)
Written byShuichi Nagahara
Lisa Tomei
Tony Randel
Straw Weisman
Story byTomoyuki Tanaka
Produced byTomoyuki Tanaka
Tony Randel
StarringRaymond Burr
Ken Tanaka
Yasuko Sawaguchi
Yosuke Natsuki
Shin Takuma
Tetsuya Takeda
Kenpachiro Satsuma
CinematographyKazutami Hara
Steven Dubin
Edited byYoshitami Kuroiwa
Michael Spence
Music byReijiro Koroku
Christopher Young
New World Pictures
Toho Company, Ltd.
Distributed byNew World Pictures
Release date
  • August 23, 1985 (1985-08-23)
Running time
87 minutes
United States

Godzilla 1985 is a 1985 Japanese-American sci-fi-action kaiju film directed by R. J. Kizer and Koji Hashimoto, as a alternate sequel of the re-edit version called Godzilla, King of The Monsters in 1956, starring Raymond Burr as Steve Martin reprise his role in his final film.

Plot[change | change source]

in 1985, a Japanese fishing boat called Yahata Maru by a freak storm coming out by a volcano erupting somewhere in the night. a sea louse killed one of those crew and stabbed the louse. Godzilla attacking by a Russian Submarine by some sailors surrounded by the monster. Godzilla wrecked the whole nuclear power plant and tries to sips the radiation, then by a birds surround communicating Godzilla follow it. claiming uses of ultra sonic-image of Godzilla was responsible to destroy the nuclear power plant middle of the night probably stated Godzilla is a giant 80-meter dinosaur that communicates the birds appealing into the Mt. Mihara. then in Tokyo Bay, Godzilla berserks through Tokyo. Super X follows through JSDF and target Godzilla surrounds the city. they using a bird device that connects Godzilla stalks the buildings and slammed his tail. Super X shoots Godzilla onto the mouth with cadium missles and subdue the creature. US Army launching the missle to shoot the Russian missle onto the space and explosion overly the atmosphere. a storm tries to resurrect Godzilla, then Super X shoots Godzilla again. Godzilla pushes the Sumitomo building passes and Super X crashes the building crushed. and finally a sonar follows Godzilla onto the Mihara, suddenly erupted and explodes the volcano and suicidally felled Godzilla down.

Cast[change | change source]

  • Raymond Burr as Steven Martin
  • Ken Tanaka as Goro Maki
  • Yasuko Sawaguchi as Naoko Okumura
  • Yosuke Natsuki as Professor Makoto Hayashida
  • Keiju Kobayashi as Prime Minister Seiki Mitamura
  • Shin Takuma as Hiroshi "Kenny" Okumura
  • Warren J. Kemmerling as General Goodhoe
  • James Hess as Colonel Raschen
  • Travis Swords as Major McDonough
  • Crawford Binion as Lt Oswald
  • Justin Gocke as Kyle Martin
  • Tony Plana as Goro Maki (voice)
  • Paul Wilson as Professor Hayashida (voice)
  • Andy Goldberg as Hiroshi (aka Kenny) Okumura (voice)
  • Lara Cody as Naoko Okumura (voice)
  • Gregory Snegoff as Newscaster/Pilot/Government Official (voice)
  • Kenpachiro Satsuma as Godzilla

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