Golden Gate (Jerusalem)

Coordinates: 31°46′44″N 35°14′13″E / 31.77889°N 35.23694°E / 31.77889; 35.23694
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31°46′44″N 35°14′13″E / 31.77889°N 35.23694°E / 31.77889; 35.23694

the gate in the year 1900

The Golden Gate (Hebrew: שער הרחמים, Sha'ar HaRachamim; Arabic: Bab al-Dhahabi[1]) is one of the gates of the Old City of Jerusalem. It is in the western side of the walls and the main gate that was connected the Temple Mount to outside the old city. According to the Jewish tradition, the Messiah will come through this gate to the Temple. In the 16th century, the gate was blocked by the Ottoman Sultan and a Muslim cemetery was created to insure that Messiah will never come through this gate. According to the Christian tradition, Jesus came into this gate to Jerusalem.

The Hebrew name for the gate translates to the "Gate of Mercy". In ancient times the gate was known as the "Beautiful Gate".

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