Golden Mountains of Altai

Coordinates: 50°28′N 86°00′E / 50.467°N 86.000°E / 50.467; 86.000
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Golden Mountains of Altai
UNESCO World Heritage Site
Altai Mountains
LocationAltai Republic, Russia
  1. Altaisky Zapovednik and Buffer zone of Teletskoye Lake
  2. Katunsky Zapovednik and Buffer zone around Belukha Mountain
  3. Ukok Quiet Zone on the Ukok Plateau
CriteriaNatural: (x)
Inscription1998 (22nd Session)
Area1,611,457 ha (6,221.87 sq mi)
Coordinates50°28′N 86°00′E / 50.467°N 86.000°E / 50.467; 86.000
Golden Mountains of Altai is located in Russia
Golden Mountains of Altai
Location of Golden Mountains of Altai in Russia

Golden Mountains of Altai is name for one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. This region cover a large area of 6,848 square miles (17,740 km2).[1] It consist of the Altai and Katun nature reserves in Siberia, Russia. It also includes Lake Teletskoye, Belukha Mountain, and the Ukok Plateau. UNESCO stated: "The region represents the most complete sequence of altitudinal vegetation zones in central Siberia".[2] The area protects endangered snow leopards.[1] It also has large brown bears, wolverines and golden eagles.[1]

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