Goliath and the Barbarians

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Goliath and the Barbarians
Movie poster by Reynold Brown
Directed byCarlo Campogalliani
StarringSteve Reeves
Bruce Cabot
Chelo Alonso
Distributed byPremier Productions (USA)
Release date

Il terrore dei barbari (English: Goliath and the Barbarians) is a 1959 peplum movie. It was directed by Carlo Campogalliani. The movie stars Steve Reeves as "Goliath". It is about the Barbarian invasions of Italy in AD 568.

American International Pictures released the movie in the US with new music by Les Baxter. AIP invested $20,000 in the movie to help the producers complete it, and were rewarded when it became a big hit.[1] The movie earned $1.6 million in North America during its initial release.[2]

Story[change | change source]

Barbarians attack and destroy an Italian village. One man, Emiliano (Reeves) survives. He swears revenge and wages a one man war against the tribes. He is helped by Landa (Chelo Alonso), the daughter of the Barbarian leader. Alboino is played by Bruce Cabot.

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