Gordon Freeman

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Gordon Freeman
Half-Life character
First appearanceHalf-Life (1998)
Created byGabe Newell
Designed by

Gordon Freeman is the main hero of the Half-Life video game series. He is a theoretical physicist from MIT. During the series, Gordon must win in hard situations, often without backup. To try to make the game more believable, the character never speaks, and there are no cut scenes, all action is seen as if the player was Gordon, with the player being in control of Gordon's actions at nearly all times.

The character is seen first as a theoretical physicist working at Black Mesa Research Facility and working in an experiment which accidentally opens an portal, releasing confused, harmful aliens into Black Mesa. In the first Half-Life, Gordon Freeman fights through the facility with other workers, fighting the aliens as well as a military unit sent in to stop the incident and silence any surviving witnesses. In the second game, Half-Life 2, Gordon is introduced to a military world years after the Black Mesa incident, along with a force known as the Combine that took over the world.