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Goten,is a fictional character from the dragon ball franchise. His first appearance was the start of majin Buu saga where attended the world Martial arts tournament with his friend trunks.

Dragon Ball character
Created byAkira Toriyama
SpeciesSaiyan hybrid
OccupationMartial arts

Chichi(Mother) Gohan(Brother) Videl(Sister in-law) Pan(Niece) Hercule(Father in-law) Ox king(partenal grandfather) Bardock(grandfather deceased)

Gine(grandmother deceased)

Goten is not mostly involved in fights or other parts of the series like Super Dragon Ball Heroes but he's in games and in merchandise.

Appearance[change | change source]

In Dragon Ball Z[change | change source]

Goten was born seven years after the Cell games. He was trained by his mother,ChiChi in the martial arts but also allowing him to transform into a super saiyan to the disappointment in which she forbids him not to transform into it again. He then trains with his older brother Gohan, who is shocked to find he can turn into a super saiyan half the age Gohan was. Gohan teaches him and his soon to be sister in-law Videl, and he quickly learns how to fly before Videl.

He then attends the world martial arts tournament where he meets his father Goku for the first time. At the tournament, Goten easily defeats his opponent and advances to the finals where he fights his best friend Trunks. Trunks overwhelmed Goten, which forces to transform into a super saiyan and brake out trunk's clutches. Trunks challenges Goten by fighting him using one arm but Goten overwhelmed him and also forcing him to go super saiyan. Goten loses to trunks after the latter tricks him knocking him out of the ring.

He and Trunks then disguise themselves as mighty mask, to participate in the adult division. After the defeat of Videl,two warriors,Spopovitch and Yamu,ambushed Gohan and most of the fighters ran after them. Hercule decide to have a battle royale with the remaining warriors, mighty mask(Goten and Trunks) defeats his opponent and Android 18 aslo defeats hers and they end up fighting her. They hold their own using their coordinated attacks but #18 overwhelmed them,forcing them to go super saiyan blowing their cover causing instant disqualification because teams are not allowed in the tournament.