Groupement des écoles d'aéronautique

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The Groupement des écoles d'aéronautique (GEA France) (in English French aviation school network) includes three French engineering universities:[1]

The GEA is member of the Conference of European Schools for Advanced Engineering Education and Research.[2]

Project[change | change source]

The GEA universities have created the Institut sino-européen d'ingénierie de l'aviation of Tianjin[3] in partnership with French aerospace companies.[4] This is part of Franco-Chinese cooperation after an Airbus A320 assembly plant was built in Tianjin.[5]

The university, opened in October 2007, trains Chinese students. They follow a course in aerospace engineering, taught in French. After a first year of learning the French language, they follow a master's degree course in aeronautical engineering.

Not linked with the engineering training, three Mastères Spécialisés are also taught in Tianjin:[6]

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