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Certain types of dogs are used to keep their owners or their owners safe from danger. These dogs are called guard dogs.

Different breeds[change | change source]

Different dog breeds can be used as guard dogs. A dog will sometimes bark at people it does not know and may alert its owner that way. Such dogs are called watchdogs and do not usually become a guard dog. Guard dogs may be trained to attack when given a command to do so.

Examples[change | change source]

Different breeds of dogs are bred for different reasons, and these dogs are sometimes used as guard dogs:

The reason for Guard Dogs[change | change source]

Lots of people want dogs to keep them safe or look after things, so they buy dogs that are trained to be guard dogs. Guard dogs have been trained by people to bark at strange people, and sometimes they even attack people that come near them.

Guard Dogs as Pets[change | change source]

Guard dogs are very important to people, but if you ever see a guard dog it is better to leave it alone as it might bark, bite or attack. This is the dog’s job.