Gujar Khan

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Gujar Khan (Urdu: گوجرخان) is a city in Rawalpindi District, Punjab, Pakistan. It is the capital of Gujar Khan Tehsil, one of the seven tehsils or subdivisions of Rawalpindi District.[1] It is about 55 kilometres southeast of Islamabad, the capital of Pakistan and 220 km to the northwest of Lahore capital of Punjab. It is located in the historic Pothohar Plateau and the local language spoken here is Pothwari.

Administration[change | change source]

Administrative subdivisions of Rawalpindi District.

Gujar Khan, as well as being tehsil capital, is divided into 3 Union Councils:[2]

According to the 1998 census of Pakistan, the city had 57,099 people.[3]

Languages[change | change source]

Pothowari is the main language of Gujar Khan, other languages are Urdu, Punjabi and Pashto.

Twin cities[change | change source]

Gujar Khan has four twin cities, these are:

United Kingdom Redditch, UK
Saudi Arabia Taif, Saudi Arabia
Germany Munich, Germany
New Zealand Auckland, New Zealand

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