Gulf of Ob

Coordinates: 68°50′N 73°30′E / 68.833°N 73.500°E / 68.833; 73.500
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Gulf of Ob
Map showing the location of the Gulf of Ob.
LocationFar North
Coordinates68°50′N 73°30′E / 68.833°N 73.500°E / 68.833; 73.500
Native name[О́бская губа́  (Russian)] Error: {{Native name}}: missing language tag (help)  (language?)
River sourcesOb River
Ocean/sea sourcesKara Sea
Basin countriesRussia
Average depth10–12 m (33–39 ft)
Official nameIslands in Ob Estuary, Kara Sea
Designated13 September 1994
Reference no.676[1]
Satellite image of the Gulf of Ob

The Gulf of Ob (Russian: Обская губа, romanized: Obskaya guba; also known as Bay of Ob, Russian: Обский залив, romanized: Obsky zaliv) is a bay of the Arctic Ocean. It is in Northern Russia at the mouth of the Ob River.[2] It is the world's longest estuary.[3]

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