Gundaroo, New South Wales

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Gundaroo's main street

Gundaroo is a small village in New South Wales, Australia. It is in the Yass Valley Shire. It is built near the Yass River. Gundaroo is about 16 kms north of Sutton and about 15 km west of the Lake George range. About 300 people live there.

History[change | change source]

The explorers Charles Throsby and Joseph Wild travelled through the Yass River valley in 1820. The Aborigines called the valley Candariro which means blue crane. This name might be the meaning of the word Gundaroo.[1] Governor Lachlan Macquarie gave the first Europen settler, Peter Cooney, 30 acres in 1825. Other farms were started quickly with about 400 people in the 1840s. The Harrow Inn (hotel) was built in 1834. A post office was built in 1848 and an Anglican church, St Lukes in Upper Gundaroo (now part of a pottery business), in 1849. The first school opened in 1850 and a Police station in 1852.[2] When gold was discovered in the area in 1852 many more people came to the town.[3]

Gundaroo has become a place where people who work in Canberra can live. It is a village for tourists from Canberra to visit because of its well cared for historic buildings.

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Coordinates: 35°02′S 149°17′E / 35.033°S 149.283°E / -35.033; 149.283