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Gustave Doré

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Gustave Doré
Gustave Doré by Nadar, 1867
Born(1832-01-06)January 6, 1832
DiedJanuary 23, 1883(1883-01-23) (aged 51)
Paris, France
Known forArt (Painting, engraving, Illustration)

Paul Gustave Doré (French pronunciation: ​[pɔl ɡystav dɔʁe]; January 6, 1832 – January 23, 1883) was a French artist, engraver, illustrator and sculptor. Most of Doré's work was wood engraving and steel engraving.

Biography[change | change source]

Doré was born in Strasbourg. His first illustrated story was published at the age of fifteen. As a young man, he began work as a literary illustrator in Paris. He was hired to illustrate scenes from books by Rabelais, Balzac, Milton and Dante.

In 1853, Doré was asked to illustrate the works of Lord Byron. British publishers asked him to do more work, including a new illustrated English Bible. Ten years later, he illustrated a French edition of Cervantes's Don Quixote. His images of the knight and Sancho Panza have influenced later readers, artists, and stage and film directors' ideas of how the two characters looked. Doré also illustrated an edition of Edgar Allan Poe's "The Raven" with larger than usual pages. He was paid 30,000 francs by the publisher Harper & Brothers in 1883.[1]

Doré's English Bible (1866) was a great success, and in 1867 Doré had a major exhibition of his work in London. The Doré Gallery in Covelant Bond Street opened after the show. In 1869, Blanchard Jerrold suggested that they work together to make a complete portrait of London. Jerrold got the idea from The Microcosm of London produced by Rudolph Ackermann, William Pyne, and Thomas Rowlandson in 1808. Doré signed a five-year contract with the publishers Grant & Co. He had to stay in London for three months each year. He was paid £10,000 a year for the project.

The completed book, London: A Pilgrimage, was published in 1872. It had 180 engravings. The book was successful financially and influenced many people. However, many critics at the time disliked it. Some of these critics wrote that Doré paid too much attention to the poverty in parts of London.

His later works included Coleridge's Rime of the Ancient Mariner, Milton's Paradise Lost, Tennyson's The Idylls of the King, The Works of Thomas Hood, and The Divine Comedy. His work also appeared in the Illustrated London News.

He continued to illustrate books until he died in Paris after a short illness in 1883. He is buried in Père Lachaise Cemetery in Paris.

Gallery[change | change source]

List of works[change | change source]

Doré made many works of art. This list is very long, but does not include every piece of art that Doré made. It does not include his sculptures and paintings. Also, many journal illustrations are not listed.

Date Author Work Volumes / Format Illustrations Publisher Ref
1854 Gustave Doré Histoire pittoresque dramatique et caricaturale de la Sainte Russie, d'après les chroniqueurs et historiens Nestor Nikan Sylvestre Karamsin Ségur etc. 1 vol. 500 Paris: de Bry [2]
1854 Rabelais Oeuvres contenant la vie de Gargantua et celle de Pantagruel ... 1 vol. 4to. Frontis. & 15 J.Bry Ainé, Paris [3]
1855 Honoré de Balzac Les Contes Drôlatiques 425 Société Générale de la Libraire, and in Le Journal pour Tous [4]
1856 Fierabras d'Alexandrie, Légende Nationale traduite par Mary Lafon 1 vol in 8vo 123 Librairie Nouvelle [5]
1856 Mémoires d'un Jeune Cadet, par Victor Percival 48 [5]
1856 La Légende du Juif Errant 1 vol. grand in folio 12 Image:Wandering jew title page.jpg Michel Lévy [5]
1857[6] Dante Alighieri L'Enfer 70[7] [8]
1857 autumn Ed. de La Bédollière Nouveau Paris, Histoire de ses 20 Arrondissements 1 vol in 4to 150 Barba [9]
1857 autumn Valéry Vernier Aline, Journal d'un Jeune Homme, one large page Dentu [9]
1860–1862 Thomas Mayne Reid L'Habitation du Désert, 1 vol. in 16mo 60 Hachette [9]
1860–1862 Ann S. Stevens La Fille du Grand Chieftain 1 vol. 15 [9]
1860–1862 M. V. Victor Flêche d'Or 1 vol. 13 [9]
1860–1862 E. S. Ellis L'Ange des Frontières 1 vol. 10 [9]
1860–1862 N. W. Buxted Les Vierges de la Forêt 1 vol. 10 [9]
1860 William Shakespeare The Tempest 1 vol. in 4to (London) [9]
1861 Les Figures du Temps, 1 vol. in 12mo (Paris) [9]
1861 Plouvier and Vincent Les Chansons d'Autrefois in 12mo Coulon and Pineau, Paris [9]
1861 Edmond About[10] Le Roi des Montagnes 1 vol. in 8vo 157 Hachette and Co., Paris [9]
1862 Saintine Les Mythologies du Rhin 1 vol. in 8vo 165 Hachette and Co., Paris [9]
1862 L'Abbé Léon Godard L'Espagne, Mœurs et Paysages, 2 vols in 8vo 4 Image:Moeurs et paysages title page.jpg Alfred Mame et Fils, Tours Image:Moeurs et paysages title page.jpg or Paris[9] [9]
1862 Malte-Brun[11] Les États Unis et le Mexique 1 vol. in 4to Brun, Paris [9]
1862 Histoire aussi intéressante qu'invraisemblable de l'intrépide Capitaine Castagnette, neveu de l'Homme à la Tête de Bois 1 vol. in 4to 43 Hachette [9]
1866 Aventures du Baron de Münchausen, traduction nouvelle par Théophile Gautier fils 1 vol. (London) [9]
1863 M. Épiné Légende de Croquemitaine 1 vol. in 4to 177 Hachette [9]
1863 Gastineau La Chasse au Lion et à la Panthère 1 vol. in 8vo Hachette and Co. [9]
1863 Miguel de Cervantes Don Quixote de la Mancha translation by Louis Viardot 2 vols. folio 370 Hachette and Co., Paris, and Cassell and Co., London [9]
1863 Les Contes de Perrault or in Spanish Los Cuentos de Perrault 100+ Hetzels. in Spanish by Ledouse [9]
1865 Gastineau De Paris en Afrique 1 vol. in 12mo (Paris) [9]
1865 A. Masse L'Histoire d'un Minute 1 vol., 12mo (Paris) [9]
1866 Victor Hugo Travailleurs de la Mer Sampson Low and Co., London [9][12]
1865 E. Edgar Cressy and Poictiers 1 vol. in 8vo 50+ (London) [9]
1865 Thomas Moore L'Épicurien (French translation) in 8vo (Paris) [9]
1865 Falmy Realm in folio (London) [9]
1865 Quatrelles Le Chevalier Beautemps grand in 8vo (Paris) [13]
1865 Chateaubriand Atala 2 vols, grand folio 80 Hachette Edition [9]
1866 Théophile Gautier Le Capitaine Fracasse 1 vol. grand in 8vo 60 Charpentier [9]
1866 G. La Bédollière Histoire de la Guerre en Mexique in 4to (Paris) [9]
1867 Dante Alighieri Il Purgatorio ed il Paradiso Hachette and Co. [9]
1866[14] X. B. Saintine Le Chemin des Écoliers 1 vol. in 8vo 450 Image:Le chemin des ecoliers title page.jpg(not all by Doré) Hachette and Co. [9]
1866 La Sainte Bible, according to the Vulgate, new translation 2 vols. grand in folio 200+ Mame, Tours; Cassell and Co., England [9]
1866 John Milton Paradise Lost Cassell and Co. [9]
1867 La Bédollière La France et la Russie (Paris) [9]
1867 Les Fables de Lafontaine 2 vols. in folio 8 large and 250 small plates Hachette and Co. [9]
1867 Les Pays-bas et la Belgique in 8vo (Paris) [9]
1870 Thomas Hood (Poems) 2 vols. in folio Ward and Lock, London [9]
1870 Samuel Taylor Coleridge The Rime of the Ancient Mariner[15] grand in 4to 40 large and 3 small drawings [9]
1873 New edition of Rabelais 2 vols. in folio Paris : Garnier; London: Chatto and Windus [9]
1876 Louis Énault London 1 vol. in 4to 174 wood engravings Hachette and Co. [9]
1874 Baron Ch. Davilliers L'Espagne in 4to 309 wood-engravings Hachette and Co.; London: Sampson Low and Co. [9]
1875 Michaud Histoire des Croisades 2 vol. medium folio 100 grand compositions Paris: Hachette and Co. [9]
Alfred Tennyson Idylls of the King [9]
1877 Ariosto Orlando Furioso 36 drawings Hachette and Co. (London: Ward and Lock) [9]
1884 Edgar Allan Poe The Raven 26 steel engravings[7] London: Sampson Low and Co., New York: Harper and Co. [16]

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