Gute Zeiten, schlechte Zeiten

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Gute Zeiten, schlechte Zeiten (English: Good Times, Bad Times) was a German soap opera. the first episode was made on May 11, 1992.

Broadcasting schedules[change | change source]

Gute Zeiten, schlechte Zeiten started on the 11th of May, 1992. It was broadcasted from Monday to Friday on the German TV channel RTL. The episodes were repeated the next day at 8:30 a.m.

The first episode was broadcasted on VOX at October 1995. After the 2500th episode in February 2005, it was removed from VOX.

Localities[change | change source]

Many main roles of the series went to several cafés and restaurants in the beginning of the series, those are the pubs like Allistairs, Siggis Bar, Daniels Bar, the bar Bluebird, the restaurant Fasan and the café Mocca for example. There was a lot of business going on in the media industry, for example, the advertising agency Löpelmann, Sisters and the newspaper editorial offices of the local newspaper City-Lights and Morgenecho. In the Viktoria-Luise-Gymnasium Elisabeth Meinhart and Clemens Richter are teaching the students. They played many young main roles. Furthermore, there were many shops: Holms Tante, Emma Laden, Charlies Laden, Kais Corner and several boutiques. Other important localities were a motorcycle workshop, which was led by Peter Becker and Heiko Richter. The GP surgeries were from Dr. Ulrich and then Dr. Gundlach. Now, Jo Gerner leads a law firm. The hostel Traumfabrik was destroyed in 2010. Afterwards you can see the lifestyle magazine Metropolitan Trends of Katrin Flemming, the club Mauerwerk, the café Vereinsheim, Tayfuns food shops Spätkauf and Badak Bio, the cosmetics business of EmilyMany main roles of the series went to several cafés and restaurants in the beginning of the series, those are the pubs like Allistairs, Siggis Bar, DanielsBar, the bar Bluebird, the restaurant Fasan and the café Mocca for example. There was a lot of business going on in the area of the media industry, for example, the advertising agency Löpelmann, Sisters, and the newspaper editorial offices of the local newspaper City-Lights and Morgenecho. In the Viktoria-Luise-Gymnasium, Elisabeth Meinhart and Clemens Richter taught the students. They played many young main roles. Furthermore, there were many shops: Holms Tante, Emma Laden, Charlies Laden, Kais Corner and several boutiques. Other important localities was a motorcycle workshop, which was led by Peter Becker and Heiko Richter. The GP surgeries were from Dr. Ulrich and then Dr. Gundlach. Now, Jo Gerner leads a law firm. The hostel Traumfabrik was destroyed in 2010. Afterwards, you could see the lifestyle magazine Metropolitan Trends of Katrin Flemming, the club Mauerwerk, the café Vereinsheim, Tayfuns food shops Spätkauf and Badak Bio, the cosmetics business of Emily Höfer, the Jeremiah hospital. Höfer, the Jeremiah hospital.

The North American country of Canada played a major role in GZSZ, because many characters traveled to that country. Paula Rapf went to Canada and started working at a farm. Afterwards, her best friend Tim Böcking and his son Felix came to this country. Afterwards, Tim's girlfriend Caroline Neustädter and her son Benjamin joined. In 2010, Tim's father Clemens Richter and his wife Elisabeth Meinhart moved to Canada. John Bachmann visited the country regularly.

Characters[change | change source]

Main roles[change | change source]

Actor Role Duration Job Connections
Wolfgang Bahro Prof. Dr. Dr. Hans-Joachim „Jo“ Gerner 1993– Lawyer and businessman; owner of Metropolitan Trends Son of Richard Graf; half-brother of Patrick Graf ser.; father of Vanessa, Dominik, Patrick jr. and Johanna; grandfather of Sunny; ex- husband of Nataly, Patrizia, Katrin; ex-fiancé of Ellinor, Isabel and Sophie; ex-boyfriend of Rebecca, Barbara and Sonja; ex-love affair of Iris
Daniel Fehlow Leon Moreno 1996–1998


Managing Director and chef of the Mauerwerk Father of Vince and Oskar; brother of Fabian; adoptive brother of Vanessa; widower of Verena; ex-husband of Cora; boyfriend of Sophie; ex-boyfriend of Kim, Katja, Katrin, Isabel and Pia; ex-affair of Daniela and Anna; One-Night-Stand of Flo, Christina "Tina“ Köpke and Maren
Felix von Jascheroff John Bachmann 2001–2014


Son of Patricia and Hannes; brother of Ben and Lena; half-brother of Philip and Emily; nephew of Senta; cousin of Sandra; father of Benjamin; uncle of Kate; husband of Pia; ex-husband of Paula; ex-boyfriend of Julia, Caroline and Elena; ex-affair of his half-sister Emily; One-Night-Stand of Kathleen
Ulrike Frank Katrin Flemming, née Gabriele "Gabi" Galuba 2002–2003


Partner of Metropolitan Trends Mother of Jasmin and Johanna; sister of Anna; daughter of Irene; ex-wife of Marc and Jo; ex-girlfriend of Leon, David Carstensen and Bommel; ex-affair of Alexander and Kurt
Anne Menden Emily Badak, née. Höfer 2004– Owner and businesswoman of the Kollestyle Mother of Kate; daughter of Hannes Bachmann; twin sister of Philip; half-sister of John, Ben and Lena; aunt of Benjamin; wife of Tayfun; ex-girlfriend of Lenny, Patrick jr., Tuner; ex-affair of John, Dominik and David
Jörn Schlönvoigt Philip Höfer 2004– Doctor in Jeremias-Krankenhaus Son of Hannes Bachmann; twin brother of Emily; half-brother of John, Ben and Lena; uncle of Kate and Benjamin; husband of Ayla; ex-husband of Dascha; ex-boyfriend of Franzi and Lucy; One-Night-Stand of Lilly
Nik Breidenbach Alexander Cöster 2007–2009 Father of Lenny and Lucy; half-brother of Daniel; uncel of Lukas; boyfriend of Maren; ex-husband of Iris; ex-boyfriend of Anna; ex-affair of Katrin and Olivia
Clemens Löhr 2009– Editor-in-Chief of Metropolitan Trends
Janina Uhse Jasmin Flemming, née Melanie "Melli" Galuba 2008– Temporary help at Mauerwerk and Vereinsheim Daughter of Katrin; half-sister of Johanna; niece of Anna; granddaughter of Irene; ex-wife of Kurt; ex-fiancée of Dominik; ex-girlfriend of Patrick jr.; girlfriend of Anni
Tayfun Baydar Tayfun Baydak 2008– Owner of the Mauerwerk, Spätkauf and Badak Bio Adoptive father of Kate; son of Semira and Cem Badak; nephew of Oya and Birol Özgül; second cousin of Kemal and Ayla; husband of Emily, ex-husband of Dascha; ex-fiancé of Ayla; ex-affair of Verena and Pia
Isabell Horn Pia Bachmann, née Koch 2009–2014


Daughter of Claus; half-sister of Verena; aunt of Oskar; wife of John; ex-girlfriend of Leon; ex-affair of Tayfun; One-Night-Stand of Dominik and Anni
Thomas Drechsel Max "Tuner" Krüger 2009– Partnership of the Vereinsheim Son of Elvira and Edzard Wilhelm Krüger; half-brother of Jacky; ex-boyfriend of Emily
Sıla Şahin Ayla Höfer née. Özgül 2009–2014 Daughter of Oya and Birol Özgül; sister of Kemal; niece of Semira and Cem Badak; second cousin and ex-fiancée of Tayfun; wife of Philip; ex-fiancée of Kaan
Nadine Menz 2014– Physiotherapist in Jeremias-Krankenhaus
Eva Mona Rodekirchen Maren Seefeld 2010–2013


Partner of PR Plan Now Mother of Tanja, Lilly and Jonas; girlfriend of Alexander; ex-girlfriend of Kurt; One-Night-Stand of Leon
Iris Mareike Steen Liljane „Lilly“ Seefeld 2010– Daughter of Maren; sister of Jonas; half-sister of Tanja; ex-girlfriend of Bommel and Vince; One-Night-Stand of Philip
Vincent Krüger Vincent „Vince“ Köpke 2011– Chef in Mauerwerk Son of Leon, half-brother of Oskar; ex-boyfriend of Lilly; ex-affair of Tanja; One-Night-Stand of Mieze
Mustafa Alin Mesut Yildiz 2011– Temporary help in Spätkauf Boyfriend of Nele
Elena Garcia Gerlach Elena Gundlach née. Castillo 2013


Linda Marlen Runge Andrea "Anni" Brehme" 2013– Apprentice as a sound engineer, barkeeper at the Vereinsheim Affair of Jasmin; One-Night-Stand of Pia
Ramona Dempsey Nele Lehmann 2013– Hairdresser at Kollestyle Cousine of Chris; girlfriend of Mesut; One-Night-Stand of Dominik
Franziska van der Heide Mieke "Mieze" Lutze 2013– Schoolgirl She was in a youth center with Vince; girlfriend of Jonas; One-Night-Stand of Vince
Philipp Christopher David Brenner 2014– Event planner of the Mauerwerk Ex-affair of Emily
Lea Marlen Woitack Sophie Lindh 2014– Law student, publisher of Metropolitan Trends Ex-fiancée of Jo, girlfriend of Leon
Felix van Deventer Jonas Seefeld 2014– Schoolboy Son of Maren; brother of Lilly; half-brother of Tanja; ex-boyfriend of Lisa; boyfriend of Mieze
Eric Stehfest Chris Lehmann 2014– DJ in Mauerwerk Cousin of Nele
Valentina Pahde Sunny Richter 2015– Daughter of Vanessa and Frank; granddaughter of Jo and Karsten; great-granddaughter of Richard; niece of Dominik, Patrick jr. and Johanna; great-niece of Clemens and Wilfried; second cousin of Heiko, Tim and Diana

Former roles[change | change source]

Actor Role Duration Connections
Bernhard-Heinrich Herzog Oswald Löpelman 1992 he goes to France to Claudia
Dirk Borchardt Bertram Köhler 1992 Husband of Denise; father of Moritz; he move with his family in an another district
Viktoria Voigt Denise Köhler 1992 Wife of Bertram; mother of Moritz; she moves with her family in an another district
Suzanne Ziellenbach Lilo Gottschick 1992


ex-girlfriend of Daniel; ex-affair of Michael Döring; she leaves the town
Natascha Pfeiffer Marina Geppert-Richter, née Geppert 1992–1993 Wife of Karsten; she move to Bad Wiessee with her husband
Thomas Gohlke Karsten Richter 1992–1993 Brother of Clemens and Wilfried; uncle of Heiko, Diana, and Tim; husband of Marina; he moves to Bad Wiessee with his wife
Marie-Christine Herrige Julia Backhoff 1992–1993 Ex-girlfriend of Peter; she leaves Berlin, because she got a better job
Johannes Berenz Dr. Frank Ullrich 1992–1993 Brother of Tina; nephew of Helga; boyfriend of Sybille; ex-fiancé of Elke; One-Night-Stand of Martha; he goes to Africa with Sybille
Dirk Meier Florian May 1993 best friend of Peter and Elke; he has fallen in love with Simone Sontheimer and goes to New York to her
Ines Victoria Macha Yasemin Mutlu † 1993 girlfriend of Heiko; victim of the tights murderer
Mirjam Köfer Diana Richter † 1993 Daughter of Wilfried; niece of Clemens and Karsten; cousine of Heiko, Frank and Tim; second cousin of Diana; ex-girlfriend of Tommy; victim of the tights murderer
Timmo Niesner Tommy Walter † 1993 Ex-boyfriend of Diana; victim of the tights murderer
Andrea Kathrin Loewig Iris Gundlach, née Gebauer 1993–1994 Wife of Michael Gundlach; adoptive mother of Dominik; victim of the tights murderer
Michael Trischan Jürgen Borchert 1993–1994 he leaves the town, because he begins a job as a art dealer
Neelesha Barthel Manjou Neria 1993–1994 girlfriend of Lukas; she goes to New York with him and her father
Andreas Arnstedt Lukas Heitz 1994 Son of Daniel; nephew of Alexander; cousin of Lenny and Lucy; boyfriend of Manjou; he goes to New York with her
Alexander Eisenfeld Oliver Engel 1993–1994 Brother of Milla; he flies to Japan to his parents
Andrea Höhne Claudia Löpelmann, née Wedemeier 1992 Girlfriend of Michael; mother of Dominik; ex-wife of Oswald; ex-girlfriend of Clemens; she moves to the country with Michael; In 2007 she dies outside of the series because of a stroke
Aelrun Goette 1993–1994
Udo Thies Dr. Michael Gundlach 1993–1994 Adoptive father of Dominik; boyfriend of Claudia; widower of Iris; One-Night-Stand of Vera; he moves to the countryside with Claudia
Matthias Matz André Holm 1992–1995 boyfriend of Rita Sahmel; he goes to Italy with her
Michael Rüdiger Matthias Zimmermann 1993–1994


Son of Beatrice; husband of Melanie Strecker; ex-husband of Tina; he goes to South America with his mother
Hannelore Minkus Beatrice Zimmermann 1993–1995 Mother of Matthias; One-Night-Stand of Daniel; she goes to South America with her son
Victoria Sturm Camilla „Milla“ Engel 1993–1996 Sister of Oliver; widow of Josef de Witt; ex-wife of Tom; he goes to Spain
Alexander Kiersch Patrick Graf † 1992–1996 Son of Richard Graf; brother of Jo Gerner; uncle of Vanessa; Dominik, Patrick jr. and Johanna; he dies by a brain tumor
Julia Gerke Jennifer Gruber, adopt., née Pitt 1994–1996 Daughter of Joae and Cecil Pitt; twin sister of Jessica; foster child of Elisabeth; she goes to England with her family
Judith Gerke Jessica Gruber, adopt., née Pitt 1994–1996 Daughter of Joae and Cecil Pitt; twin sister of Jennifer; foster child of Elisabeth; she goes to England with her family
Irene Neuner Dr. Rebecca Scheele 1994–1996 Mother of Kim; she goes to her mother and afterward to the USA with Kim.
Jan Sosniok Thomas „Tom“ Lehmann 1994–1996 Brother of Andy and Chrissie; ex-husband of Milla; ex-fiancé of Saskia and Tina; ex-affair of Harumi; One-Night-Stand of Ariane Lehnert; he goes to Spain with Milla
Andreas Elsholz Heiko Richter 1992–1996 Son of Vera and Clemens; half-brother of Tim; uncle of Felix; nephew of Karsten and Wllfried; cousin of Frank and Diana; second cousin of Sunny; ex-fiancé of Ute Lorenz; ex-boyfriend of Tina, Yeasemin and Mascha; One-Night-Stand of Elke; goes into hiding
Saskia Valencia Saskia Rother 1993–1996 Daughter of Angela and Heinrich; ex-fiancé of Peter and Tom; (life) companion of Harumi; he goes to San Francisco with Harumi
Alexandra Finder Kim Scheele 1995–1996 Daughter of Rebecca; she goes to the USA
Sandra Keller Tina Zimmermann, née Ullrich 1992–1996 Sister of Frank; niece of Helga; ex-wife of Matthias; ex-fiancé of Tom; ex-girlfriend of Patrick and Heiko; ex-affair of Peter; she leaves Berlin
Claudia Weiske Elke Graf-Kruger, née Opitz 1992–1996


Daughter of Ilse and Rüdiger; mother of Patrick jr.; wife of John Kruger; widow of Patrick sr.; ex-fiancé of Michael Döring and Frank; ex-girlfriend of Jo and Rainer; One-Night-Stand of Heiko; she goes to Uruguay with Rainer, afterwards to the USA; she died outside of the series event at the USA
Angela Neumann Vera Richter 1992–1997 ex-wife of Clemens; mother of Heiko; ex-affair of Daniel; One-Night-Stand of Michael Gundlach; she flies to Sri Lanka with Kevin
Kea Könneker Christiane „Chrissie“ Lehmann † 1996–1997 Sister of Tom and Andy; ex-girlfriend of Nico; she dies in a car accident
Norbert Hülm Robert König † 1995–1997 he walks into a house, which is being blowing up. His corpse has never found
Julia Scheunemann Karl-Heinz "Charlie" Fierek † 1993


Ex-boyfriend of Kim and Sophie; he is shot in a courtroom
Daniel Enzweiler Jörg Reuter 1996-1998 Ex-boyfriend Nataly, Barbara and Sonja; after a car accident with Sonja, he disappears traceless
Anne Brendler Vanessa Moreno, adopt. 1996–1998 Daughter of Jo; half-sister of Dominik, Patrick jr. and Johanna; granddaughter of Richard; niece of Patrick sr.; (life) companion of Frank; mother of Sunny; ex-girlfriend of Fabian and Felix; she goes to Taiwan for opening a hotel
Alexander Schäfer Alexander „Alex“ Hinze 1997–1999 Son of Doris; brother of Cora; he goes to his mother to Brussels
Alexandra Neldel Katja Wettstein 1996–1999 Daughter of Volker; ex-girlfriend of Leon and Oliver; One-Night-Stand of Frank, Helge and Jan; she leaves Berlin finding Leon in Finland
Simone Hanselmann Anna Meisner 1998–1999 Ex-girlfriend of Clemens;
Oliver Petszokat Ricky Marquart 1998–1999 Ex-boyfriend of Nataly; One-Night-Stand of Cora; he leaves Berlin and goes to Stuttgart
Torsten Stoll Frank Richter 1997–1999 Son of Karsten; nephew of Clemens and Wilfried; cousin of Heiko, Tim and Diana; partner of Vanessa; father of Sunny; One-Night-Stand of Katja; he goes to Taiwan to Vanessa
Raphael Schneider Andreas „Andy“ Lehmann † 1995–2000 Brother of Tom and Chrissie; ex-husband of Flo; he will poisoned from the sect chef Michael Danecker
Laurent Daniels Philip Krüger 1997–2000 Ex-boyfriend of Fabian and Simon; he moves to an another countryside
Nadine Dehmel Nataly Krüger 1996–2000 Ex-wife of Jo; ex-girlfriend of Jörg; One-Night-Stand of Nico; she leaves Berlin
Fenja Rühl Barbara Graf, née Wiebe 1993 Sister of Martin and Sonja; ex-wife of Richard; ex-girlfriend of Jo, Peter and Daniel; ex-affair of Lara; she flees after an attempted murder on Sonja abroad
Maren Thurm 1996–1999
Mona Klare 1996–2000
Cathrin Vaessen Franziska Bohlstädt 1999–2000 Mother of Charlotte and Chris; ex-fiancé of Jan; One-Night-Stand of Jo; she goes to France, because she wants to start a wine bar
Rainer Meifert Dr. Jan Wittenberg 1998–2000 Cousin of Moritz; ex-fiancé of Charlotte; ex-boyfriend of Flo; One-Night-Stand of Katja and Franziska; he flees abroad
Franziska Dilger Inka Berent 1999–2001 Foster-daughter of Elisabeth and Daniel; she is arrested, after a rampage on the school
Jan Hartmann Christopher „Chris“ Bohlstädt † 1999–2001 Son of Franziska; brother of Charlotte; boyfriend of Xenia; One-Night-Stand of Flo; he will shot from Inka
Stefanie Julia Möller Charlotte Bohlstädt 1999–2001 Daughter of Franziska; sister of Chris; One-Night-Stand of Jan; she moves to France to her mother, after the died of her brother
Matthias Hinze Peter Becker, adopt, née Meinhardt 1992 Son of Elisabeth and Robert; half-brother of Alexandra; adoptive son of Erwin and Gerda Becker; adoptive brother of Karin and Berthold; husband of Melissa; father of Betty; ex-fiancé of Saskia; ex-boyfriend of Julia; ex-affair of Tina; One-Night-Stand of Lara; he returns to Australia with his daughter
Sali Landricina 1992–1995
Patrick Harzig 1992–1995
Tina Bordihn Sonja Wiebe † 1997–1998 Sister of Barbara and Martin; adoptive mother of Marie; ex-wife of Fabian; ex-affair of Jo; she dies by a explosion in Daniels
Tokessa Möller-Martinius 1998–2002
Tim Sander Kai Scholl † 1998–2002 Ex-boyfriend of Marie; he will injured by an explosion in Daniels; in this episode he dies
Rhea Harder Florentine Spirandelli „Flo Spira“ di Montalban 1996–2002 Cousin of Xenia; girlfriend of Martin; widow of Andy; One-Night-Stand of Leon and Chris; she goes to Munich with Martin
Stephan Meyer-Kohlhoff Martin Wiebe 1993 Brother of Barbara and Sonja; boyfriend of Flo; he goes to Munich with Flo
Norman Kalle 2000–2002
Hendrik Borgmann Moritz Demand 2000–2002 Ex-boyfriend of Sandra; affair of Senta; One-Night-Stand of Marie; he goes around the world with his houseboat
Mia Aegerter Xenia di Montalban 2000–2002 Cousin of Flo; ex-fiancé of Ben; ex-girlfriend of Chris; she gets cold feet, before her wedding and goes to Flo and Martin
Christin Baechler Patrizia Bachmann, née Biedermann 2001–2003 Mother of Ben, Lena and John; sister of Roland and Senta; ex-wife of Hannes and Jo; she goes to Cape Town and begins to work
Peer Kusmagk Ben Bachmann 2002–2003 Son of Hannes and Patrizia; brother of Lena and John; half-brother of Emily and Philip; ex-fiancé of Xenia; One-Night-Stand of Verena; he goes to his mother to Cape Town
Ralf Benson Fabian Moreno 1996–2000


Brother of Leon; adoptive brother of Marie; ex-husband of Sonja; ex-boyfriend of Vanessa, Silke and Philip; he goes into a witness protection program; afterwards he have to go in the prison because of his criminal past
Jeanette Biedermann Marie Balzer 1999–2003


adoptive daughter of Sonja and Fabian; ex-girlfriend of Kai; One-Night-Stand of Moritz; she goes to Romania into a convent helping homeless children
İsmail Şahin Deniz Ergün † 2002–2005 Husband of Sandra; he dies, after a defenestration
Raphaël Vogt Dr. Nico Weimershaus 1996–2005 Father of Antonia and Sebastian; boyfriend of Julia; ex-boyfriend of Cora and Chrissie; One-Night-Stand of Nataly; he goes to Julia to London
Yvonne Catterfeld Julia Blum 2001


Girlfriend of Nico; ex-girlfriend of John; ex-affair of Jonas; she goes to London because of a audition and stays there with Nico
Dominic Boeer Jonas Vossberg 2003–2004


Ex-affair of Julia;
Nina Bott Cora Hinze 1997–2005 Daughter of Doris; mother of Antonia and Sebastian; ex-wife of Leon; ex-girlfriend of Nico; One-Night-Stand of Ricky; she gets a job offer and goes to Taiwan with her children
Uta Kargel Lena Bachmann 2004–2006 Daughter of Patrizia and Hannes; sister of Ben and John; half-sister of Emily and Philip; ex-girlfriend of Tim and Henrik; she leaves Berlin
Natalie Alison Isabel Eggert † 2003–2006 Mother of Felix; ex-fiancé of Jo; ex-girlfriend of Leon; One-Night-Stand of Tim; she dies, after the childbirth of Felix, because of a car accident
Katharina Ursinus Cornelia „Nele“ Wenzel 2005–2006 she goes to the USA
Hanne Wolharn Senta Lemke, née Biedermann 2000–2007 Mother of Sandra; sister of Roland and Patrizia; aunt of Ben, Lena and John; (life) companion of Hannes; One-Night-Stand of Clemens; she dies in an air crash
Klaus-Dieter Klebsch Johannes „Hannes“ Bachmann † 2002–2007 Father of Ben, Lena, John, Emily and Philip; (life) companion of Senta; ex-husband of Patrizia; after an air crash, he will hurt and dies in a hospital
Stefan König Sebastian Winter 2005–2007 Ex-boyfriend of Franzi; love triangle with Emily and Verena; he takes a job as a model in France
Robert Lyons Vincent Buhr 2004–2006


Boyfriend of Jana Colditz; ex-husband of Elisabeth; ex-boyfriend of Verena; he goes to Australia with Jana
Jasmin Weber Franziska „Franzi“ Reuter † 2005–2008 Affair of Paula; ex-girlfriend of Sebastian and Philip; she dies at a fire in the Fasan
Anna Frenzel-Röhl Sandra Ergün, née Lemke 2000–2002 Daughter of Senta; niece of Roland and Patrizia; cousin of Ben, Lena and John; girlfriend of Marc; widow of Deniz; ex-girlfriend of Moritz, Kike and Sam; she sails around the world with Marc. Now she lives in Portugal with him
Maike von Bremen 2002–2008
Arne Stephan Marc Hansen 2006–2008 Boyfriend of Sandra; ex-husband of Katrin; he sails around the world with Sandra and now he lives in Portugal with her
Josephine Schmidt Paula Rapf 2002–2009 foster daughter of Daniel; ex-wife of John; ex-girlfriend of Markus; affair of Franzi; One-Night-Stand of Tim; she goes to a friend to Canada
Pete Dwojak Henrik Beck 2005–2009 ex-boyfriend of Lena, Sveta and Iris; One-Night-Stand of Verena and Katrin; he goes to Thailand
Roman Roth Tim Böcking 2002–2004 Son of Clemens; half-brother of Heiko; nephew of Karsten and Wilfried; cousin of Frank and Diana; second cousin of Sunny; father of Felix; boyfriend of Caro; ex-boyfriend of Lena; One-Night-Stand of Verena, Isabel, Emily and Paula; he kidnaps his son Felix and goes to Canada
Oliver Bender 2004–2009
Hans Christiani Agamemnon Rufus „A.R.“ Daniel 1992–2009 Father of Lukas; half-brother of Alexander; (life) companion of Rose; ex-husband of Elisabeth; One-Night-Stand of Beatrice; he goes to the USA with Rose
Jessica Ginkel Caroline „Caro“ Neustädter 2006–2009 Mother of Benjamin; girlfriend of Tim; ex-girlfriend of John; ex-affair of Alexander; she goes to Canada to Tim, Felix and Paula
Alexander Becht Leonard „Lenny“ Cöster 2007–2010 Son of Iris and Alexander; brother of Lucy; boyfriend of Carsten; ex-boyfriend of Emily;
Felix Isenbügel Carsten Reimann 2008–2010 Son of Frank Reimann; boyfriend of Lenny; he moves to Rosenheim with Lenny
Sarah Tkotsch Lucy Cöster 2007–2010 Daughter of Iris and Alexander; sister of Lenny; ex-girlfriend of Philip; One-Night-Stand of Dominik; she went to Tokio, because of a internship as a photographer; today, she studies in Paris
Frank-Thomas Mende Clemens Richter 1992–2010 Father of Heiko and Tim; grandfather of Felix; brother of Karsten and Wilfried; uncle of Frank and Diana; great-uncle of Sunny; goduncle of Dominik; husband of Elisabeth; ex-husband of Vera; ex-fiancé respectively good brother of Carola; One-Night-Stand of Senta; he goes to Canada with Elisabeth
Lisa Riecken Elisabeth Meinhart-Richter, née Meinhart 1992–2010 Mother of Peter; grandmother of Betty; wife of Clemens; ex-wife of Daniel and Vincent; ex-girlfriend of Hartmut and Volker; she goes to Canada with Clemens
Kristin Meyer Iris Cöster née Conradt 2007–2010 Mother of Lenny and Lucy; ex-wife of Alexander; ex-girlfriend of Henrik; ex-affair of Jo; she goes to Munich and works as a streetworker.
Susan Sideropoulos Verena Koch † 2001


Daughter of Claus; half-sister of Pia; mother of Oskar; wife of Leon; ex-fiancée of Casimir; ex-girlfriend of Deniz, Henrik and Vincent; ex-affair of Tayfun; One-Night-Stand of Alexander and Armin, she dies because of a car accident
Lena Ehlers Dascha Badak, née Petrova 2010–2012 Ex-wife of Philip (sham marraige) and Tayfun; she goes back to Kazakhstan
Samia Dauenhauer Jacqueline „Jacky“ Krüger 2012 Daughter of Elvira; half-sister of Tuner; she goes to Hamburg to a dance school
Björn Harras Patrick Gerner, née Graf 2009–2012 Son of Elke Opitz-Graf and Jo Gerner; half-brother of Vanessa, Dominik and Johanna; nephew of Patrick Graf ser.; grandchild of Richard; grand-uncle of Sunny; ex-boyfriend of Jasmin and Emily; he fell from a roof
Senta-Sofia Delliponti Tanja Seefeld 2010–2013 Daughter of Maren and Kurt; half-sister of Lilly and Jonas; ex-girlfriend of Zac; ex-affair of Vince, Bommel and Dominik; she goes to Australia
Merlin Leonhardt Till "Bommel" Kuhn 2012–2014 Ex-boyfriend of Lilly and Katrin; ex-affair of Tanja; he leaves the town after the seperation with Katrin.
Raúl Richter Dominik "Nik" Gundlach 2007–2014 Son of Claudia Löpelmann-Gundlach and Jo Gerner; foster son of Michael Gundlach; half-brother of Vanessa, Patrick jr. and Johanna; grandchild of Richard; uncle of Sunny; godchild of Clemens; husband of Elena; ex-fiancé of Jasmin; ex-boyfriend of Julie; ex-affair of Emily; One-Night-Stand of Pia, Tanja and Nele; he falls victim to a head injury owing to a Motorcycle accident
Jascha Rust Zacharias "Zac" Klingenthal 2011–2014 Son of Lars and Christina; brother of Charleen; ex-boyfriend of Tanja; ex-affair of Claire; he goes to Silicon Valley for an internship

Supporting roles[change | change source]

Actor Role Duration Job Connections
Armin Benz Armin Kretschmar 2000– Waiter at the Mauerwerk One-Night-Stand of Verena
Kathleen Richter Kathleen 2001– Waitress at the Mauerwerk One-Night-Stand of John
Lenny Ottl Oskar Moreno 2011– 2nd performer of this role

Son of Verena and Leon; nephew of Pia; half-brother of Oskar

David Owe Bo Larsen 2014– Chef of the Mafia
Anna Juliana Jaenner Olivia Christen 2015– Trainee at Metropolitan Trends Ex-affair of Alexander

Former supporting roles[change | change source]

Actor Role Duration Connections
Heidi Weigelt Ilse Opitz † 1992 Mother of Elke; she has a car accident in the 53th episode
Christian Oskar Spitzl Michael Döring † 1992 former teacher at the Victoria-Luise-Gymnasium; husband of Annette; affair of Elke and Lillo; he is stabbed from his wife
Claudia Arnold-Brauner Annette Döring 1992 Wife of Michael; she gives her up to the Police, since she killed her husband
Ilonka Breitmeier Birgit Seitz 1992 she goes in the holiday and meets a millionaire
Michael von Rospatt Friedhelm Hahnich 1992 Farmer; husband of Margot; father of Trude and Hannes
Edeltraut Elsner Margot Hahnich 1992 Farmer; wife of Friedhelm; mother of Trude and Hannes
Inka Victoria Groetschel Lena Hartwick 1992 Secretary at the agency Löpelmann
Nora Bendig Helga Markmann 1992 ex-fiancé of Walter; ex-girlfriend of Daniel
Klaus Schindler Armin Braun † 1992–1993 Manager of Lilos Hotel; Callgirl-Killer (he killed Josie Kaufmann, Elfi Krach and Mrs. Bild); when he tried to kill Elke, he will pushed from the roof
Gytta Schubert Helga Ullrich † 1992–1993 aunt of Frank and Tina; lover of Daniel; she killed herself
Eva Probst Jessica Naumann 1992


former teacher at the Victoria-Luise-Gymnasium; she is a good friend of Elisabeth
Egon Hofmann Siggi 1993 when he played poker with Daniel, he lost his bistro
Arthur Meyer Arthur 1992–1993 Waiter at the Allistairs
Kevin Klockzin Max Probst 1993 Son of Annette Probst; nephew of Michael Gundlach; he leaves Berlin with his mother
Wookie Mayer Simone Sontheimer 1993 photographer; wife of Manfred Sontheimer; affair of Florian May; he goes to New York
Debora Weigert Hilda Berg † 1993 victim of the tights murderer
Werner Kanitz Erwin Becker 1992–1993 Father of Karin and Berthold; adoptive father of Peter; ex-husband of Gerda; he leaves Berlin
Christiane Christiani Gerda Becker 1992–1993 Mother of Karin and Berthold; adoptive mother of Peter; ex-wife of Erwin; she leaves Berlin with Karin, after the separation with her husband
Lutz Moik Richard Graf † 1992–1993


Father of Patrick sr. and Jo; ex-husband of Barbara Graf
Lena Ehlers Karin Becker 1992 Daughter of Gerda and Erwin Becker; sister of Berthold; adoptive sister of Peter; she goes in a boarding school
Heinke Hüttmann 1993–1994
Gerd Blahuschek Hartmut Söllner 1993–1994 Handyman; ex-boyfriend of Elisabeth; he leaves the town
Marcus Ulbricht Tobias Gericke † 1993–1994 tights murderer' (he killed Hilda, Yasemin, Diana, Tommy and Iris); he did suicide
Heide Domanowski Annette Probst, née Gundlach 1993–1994 Sister of Michael Gundlach; mother of Max; ex-girlfriend of Martin Wiebe
Dagmar Sitte Rita Sahmel 1994


Girlfriend of André Holm; she goes to Italy with him
Denise Zich Daniela Zöllner 1995 she goes on tour with the band Just Friends and afterwards she leaves the band
Mariella Ahrens Elinor Schwarz 1995 ex-fiancé of Jo
Anna Lübbecke Lizzy Ehlers † 1995–1996 best friend of Kim; she became to stabbed with a scissor of Eva Reichel
Mey Lan Chao Harumi Shimizu 1996 (life) companion of Saskia; ex-affair of Tom; she goes to San Francisco with Saskia
Gerd Lukas Storzer Götz von der Heide 1995–1996
Manfred Callsen Dr. Rainer Falk 1996–1997 ex-boyfriend of Elke; he goes to the USA with Elke
Frederic Sieber Kevin Schäfer 1997 former member of the Street-Kid-Gang; foster son of Vera; he goes to Sri Lanka with Vera
Roland Boecker Volker Wettstein, aka Guido Ahrens 1996


Father of Katja; ex-boyfriend of Elisabeth; he forced his daughter to deal with drugs and during the escape, he'll shot from the police
Claudio Maniscalco Felix Reinecke 1996


magician; ex-boyfriend of Vanessa
Susanne Evers Silke Balzer † 1999 Mother of Marie; (life) companion of Fabian;
Herbert Ulrich Simon Nilsson, aka Thomas Rieplich 1999–2000 author; ex-husband of Philip Krüger;
Christian Olsen Michael Danecker † 1999


Chief of the sect "ring of the world";
Ulrike Frank Tina Zimmermann, née Ullrich 2000
Rimbert Spielvogel Anton Weimershaus † 2000 Father of Nico; he dies at the day of the childbirth of his granddaughter Antonia
Frank Reidock Bernd Kohlweyer † 2000
Verena Araghi Tiffany Bankett 2000 the owner of Moritz houseboat; she gave this Xenia and Chris
Wolfgang Grindemann Roland Biedermann 1997–2000 Brother of Senta and Patrizia; uncle of Sandra, Ben, Lena and John; waiter in Fasan
Rüdiger Sander Konrad Scholl 1999–2002 Father of Kai
Patrick Dewayne Kike Valdez 2004 drama student; ex-boyfriend of Sandra; he leaves the town
Ignazio Caporrimo Marc Lüders 2004–2005
Roswitha Dost Irene Galuba † 2005 Mother of Katrin and Anna; grandmother of Jasmin and Johanna;
Shai Hoffmann Jürgen "Scout" Fahl † 2005 gang member;
Clemens Löhr Casimir von Leibhold 2005 ex-fiancé of Verena
Daniel Jan Gärtner Sam Michalak 2005–2006 Carpenters; father of Lotte; ex-boyfriend of Sandra; he goes to Freiburg
Wolfgang Finck Herbert Schüttler 2005–2006 Owner of a automobile workshop; uncle of Paulas ex-boyfriend Markus;
Caroline Beil Juliane Welker 2006 ex-affair of Henrik
Arne Stephan Viktor Hansen † 2006 twin brother of Marc; cousin of Sven Lutterbek; he kidnapped Sandra and after the liberation, he shoots himself
Branco Vukovic Sven "Lutti" Lutterbek 2006 Cousin of Marc and Victor Hansen
Julia Kratz Eva Worch 2006–2007 Pimpress
Ulrike Haase Sveta Lewandowska 2006–2007 former forced prostitutes; ex-girlfriend of Henrik
Gloria Iberl Jana Colditz, née Chadley 2007 Girlfriend of Vincent; former of the sect Conception; daughter of the sect leader Jonathan Chadley; she goes to Australia with Vincent
Philipp Rimmele Gerd 2000–2008 former waiter at the Mocca; is gay; he goes to Ibiza
Beate Fritsch Heike Rieckmann 2002–2008 former secretary of Jo Gerner
Eva-Maria May Kim Miller 2007–2008 drug-addicted model; former friend of Emily
Gregor 2008–2010 Waiter in Mocca
Daniel Fripan David Repkow 2008–2009 he bullies and abused Lenny at the federal government
Egon Hofmann Dieter Nowak 2008–2009 husband of Edith; adoptive father of Jasmin; after his suicide attempt, he was in coma; he sits for eight years in the prison, because of the rape of Jasmin and the attempted murder of Katrin
Christiane Christiani Rosalinde "Rose" Blümel 2009 girlfriend of Daniel; she goes to the USA with him
Annemarie Eilfeld Lisa Ritter 2009 Member of the girlgroup Cosmic Chicks
Matthias Rödder André "Andy" Amos 2009 talent scout; Manager of the girlgroup Cosmic Chicks
Dorothea Gebhard Pauline Schuhmacher 2009 Member of the girlgroup Cosmic Chicks
Harald Richter Ralf Becker 2009–2010 Kioskowner
Claus Stahnke Ronny "The Hell" Heller 2008–2010 Owner and landlord of the Mauerwerk; former professional boxer
Claudia Jakobshagen Vera Trebe 2010
Suzanne Kockat Anna Galuba 2008


former prostitutes; former traineer at "Metropolitan Trends"; daughter of Irene; sister of Katrin; aunt of Jasmin and Johanna; ex-girlfriend of Alexander; ex-affair of Leon; One-Night-Stand of Jo; she goes to munich, because of a better job
Özgür Özata Dr. Kaan Demir 2011 <1st performer of this role
Kalle Haverland Manfred Kowalski 2011 Protector of Patrick in the prison
Cem Erzincan Murat Cengiz † 2009–2010


former gang member of Tayfun; kidnapper of Dominik; he goes into hiding
Linus Oskar Moreno 2010–2011 1st performer of this role

Son of Verena and Leon; nephew of Pia; half-brother of Vince

Stefan Eggers Stefan 2001–2011 Waiter in "Mauerwerk"
Sinan Al Kuri Dr. Kaan Demir 2011–2012 2nd performer of this role

Doctor at the Jeremiah hospital; ex-fiancé of Ayla

Claudia Haupt Elvira Krüger 2010–201x 1st performer of this role

Ex-Wife of Edzard; mother of Tuner and Jacky

Kai Holzapfel David Carstensen 2012 Henchman of Bajan Linostrami; ex-boyfriend of Katrin; he shoots at Gerner and goes into hiding
Murat Seven Hakan Buran 2009–2010


former gang member of Tayfun; kidnapper of Dominik
Matthias Unger Bajan Linostrami 2010–2012
Luisa Gieselmann Zoe Latour 2012 exchange student from France
Luise von Finckh Claire Latour 2012 exchange student from France; affair of Zac
Adriana Möbius Julie Moreau 2012


drama school student from Paris
Tom 2010-2013 Journalist at Metropolitan Trends; after two warning, he will terminated
Finja Büngel Johanna Flemming 2007–2012 2nd performer of this role
Tim Williams Kurt Le Roy 2011– Musician of the band Dark Circle Knights; Father of Tanja; husband of Jasmin; ex-boyfriend of Maren; ex-affair of Katrin
Jana Hora-Goosmann Christina Klingenthal 2014 Businesswoman from Dubai; wife of Lars; mother of Zac and Charleen
Ingo Naujoks Edzard Wilhelm Krüger 2013


Elvis-Imitator; Father of Tuner; ex-husband of Elvira
Daniela Hansen Daniela 2000–2014 Cook in the Mauerwerk; ex-affair of Leon; leaves the Mauerwerk and takes an another job

Crossover[change | change source]

  • The performers of Hinter Gittern - Der Frauenknast Melanie Schmidt and Horst Dahnke played by Sigrid M. Schnückel and Thomas Engel had a guest appearance in 2000.
  • On 7 May 2010 had Jo Gerner a guest appearance at Alles was zählt in episode 924.
  • The performer of Alles was zählt Richard Steinkamp (Silvan-Pierre Leirich) and Simone Steinkamp (Tatja Clasing) had a guest appearance on May 2010.
  • On 14 May 2010 had the role Katrin Flemming-Gerner a guest appearance at Alles was zählt in episode 928.
  • On June 2010 reported the magazine Metropolitan Trends about Isabelle Reichenbach, an ice-skater at Alles was zählt.
  • The main roles of Eine wie keine Manuela and Marc married at the original Kiez of GZSZ. Arne Stephan, the performer of Marc played from 2006 to 2008 at GZSZ.
  • The fake ,GUFA-Bank‘ from Alles was zählt was to shown at GZSZ at the end of 2010.