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Soursop fruit
Scientific classification
A. muricata
Binomial name
Annona muricata

The soursop, also known as the zuurzak, is the fruit of the tree Annona muricata. The tree is from warm parts of the Americas. At first it was only found in the Caribbean islands, parts of Central America and parts of South America. Now it is grown in other warm and wet places, such as the Pacific Islands, Florida and Southeast Asia.

This fruit is large. It has a spiky green skin, which is not eaten. The inside of the fruit is white. It contains a sweet but sharp-tasting juice. The soursop contains black or brown seeds that are not eaten. The fruit can be eaten raw, or it can be made into juice for drinking. The juice is used to make candy and ice cream.

Some people use the soursop fruit or leaves as a medicine. Although the fruit contains sugars and a lot of vitamins, it may not be good to eat a lot of it. Scientists think that the soursop may make some people ill.