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Paul Miller on March 2, 2021. The police took this picture as a mug shot the day they arrested Miller.

Paul Nicholas Miller (born August 11, 1988) known by his online username GypsyCrusader, is an American white supremacist. He uses the social media program Telegram to show videos about his political beliefs. He calls himself an investigative journalist and calls his videos "News for Patriots, Christians and God loving Americans."[1][2]

Miller was convicted of making and selling drugs in 2007 and 2009. In 2021, FBI agents and Fort Lauderdale police officers arrested Miller for having a gun. In Florida, where Miller was, people who have been convicted of large crimes are not allowed to have guns. Miller said he needed a gun because he was afraid of Antifa and Black Lives Matter. Miller said he did not know he was not allowed to have a gun.[2]

The lawyer for the government, Kiran Bhat, said that Miller was dangerous because he was a white supremacist and asked the judge not to let him out on bail before his trial but instead make him stay in jail. Miller's own lawyer said that Miller's videos were only entertainment and theater and that Miller was not dangerous. The judge agreed with that.[1]

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