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Lake Höytiäinen frozen over
LocationNorth Karelia
Coordinates62°48′N 29°39′E / 62.800°N 29.650°E / 62.800; 29.650Coordinates: 62°48′N 29°39′E / 62.800°N 29.650°E / 62.800; 29.650
Primary outflowsPuntarikoski
Basin countriesFinland
Surface area282.64 km (175.62 mi)[1]
Max. depth62 m (203 ft)
Surface elevation87.3 m (286 ft)[1]

Höytiäinen is a lake in Finland. It covers an area of 282.64 square kilometres (109.13 sq mi). Its deepest point is 62 metres (203 ft). The biggest island is Teerisaari. In 1950, there were 118 people living at the lake. Near Näsijärvi are Juuka, Kontiolahti and Polvijärvi.

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