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New Right (Israel)

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The New Right
הימין החדש
LeaderNaftali Bennett[1]
Founded29 December 2018
Split fromThe Jewish Home
National conservatism[4][5][6]
Economic liberalism[2][4]
Judicial restraint[7]
One-state solution
Religious Zionism[8]
Political positionRight-wing[8]
National affiliationYamina[9][10][11] (formerly)[12]
SloganRight Wing. Responsibly.
7 / 120
Election symbol

The New Right (Hebrew: הימין החדש, HaYamin HeHadash) is a right-wing political party in Israel, established in December 2018 by justice minister Ayelet Shaked and education minister Naftali Bennett.

Participating in the Bennett-Lapid Government.

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