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Logo of Hadash

Hadash, Hebrew: חד"ש , meaning New, a Hebrew acronym of HaHazit HaDemokratit LeShalom uLeShivion, Hebrew: החזית הדמוקרטית לשלום ולשוויון‎‎ ,
the Arab version: al-Jabhah ad-Dimuqrāṭiyyah lis-Salām wa'l-Musāwah, Arab: الجبهة الديمقراطية للسلام والمساواة‎‎ ,
(shortened Arab: الجبهة , also meaning New),
both meaning The Democratic Front for Peace and Equality, is an Israeli political party.

Its ideology is communist.

Political leader is Ayman Odeh.

Hadash was founded in 1977 as a merger of the communist party of Rakah, Black Panthers and others.

Its supporters are mainly (secular, Christian) Israeli Arabs and some far-left Israeli Jews.

Number of seats in the 24th Knesset: 3 (-2).
Hadash is cooperating with Balad and Ta'al as HaReshima HaMeshutefet (Hebrew) or al-Qa'imah al-Mushtarakah (Arab) (both meaning The Joint List). Together they have 6 seats.

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