Hala fruit

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Picture of the outer husk of Hala Fruit.

The Hala Fruit, which comes from the plant Pandanus Tectorius is a large fruit. It is made up of many segments called keys or cones. It is found in Southeast Asia, Eastern Australia, the Pacific Islands and Hawaii.

The Hala fruit has a delicate, sweet taste. It is similar to the paste made from the leaves. It is described looking like an "exploding planet". It is eaten fresh, boiled or ground into a paste, or squeezed into juice. The husk of the Hala Fruit is fibrous enough such that it can be turned into Dental floss. Besides Dental floss, the inner yellow neucleus-like part tastes like sweet juice of Sugarcane and Mango. It has the texture of thick Nectar which can be used to make Jam(s), desserts and Sauce.