Hamida Banu Begum

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Hamida Banu Begum was one of the wives of the second mughal emperor Humayun. She was also the mother of the third mughal emperor Akbar. Hamida Banu Begum is popularly known by the title name Maryam Makani which means ‘epitome of innocence’ given by her son, Akbar. [1]

Hamida met Humayun at the age of 14. Initially, she opposed to marry Humayun when she got the proposal of marriage with Humayun, but later she agreed. Humayun was already married to Bega Begum, so she was his second wife. Bega Begum was also the chief consort of Humayun that time.[2]

On 15th October 1542, she gave birth to the future emperor Akbar.

She was buried in the Humayun’s Tomb after her death on 29th August 1604 by son Akbar. Her husband Humayun had died a century ago before her death whereas her son Akbar died the next year after her death.

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