Hammerfest (town)

Coordinates: 70°39′48″N 23°40′56″E / 70.6634°N 23.6821°E / 70.6634; 23.6821
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70°39′48″N 23°40′56″E / 70.6634°N 23.6821°E / 70.6634; 23.6821

Hammerfest, June 2005

Hammerfest or Hámmárfeasta is a town in Norway located on an island called Kvaløya. It has a population of over 10,000 people and is known for its midnight sun during the summer months and polar night during the winter months.[1][2] Hammerfest has a harbor that is used to process natural gas from the Snøhvit gas field. The town has a long history, including being bombed during World War II,[3] and has since rebuilt and become an important industrial center in northern Norway.[3]

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