Hamo Beknazarian

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Hamo Beknazarian, also known as Hamo Bek Nazarov (born May 19, 1891 in Yerevan, died April 27, 1965 in Moscow) was an Armenian movie director. His career in cinema started in 1914, when a friend offered him a part in a movie. Between 1914 and 1918, he played about 70 parts, becoming a popular actor in pre-Revolutionary Russian movie. In 1920, instead of going to Armenia as he planned, he went to Tbilisi, where he developed a movie department for Georgian Commissioner's office of Public Education. Many of his movies were filmed in Tbilisi, including The Father Murderer and Lost Treasures. In 1925, he filmed his first Armenian movie and moved to Armenia. In 1933, he made the first Armenian movie to have sound, Pepo.[1]

Beknazarian also made a few documentary movies.

Filmography[change | change source]

  • Shor and Shorshor (1926), scriptwriter, director. A comedy about two friends.[2]
  • Namus (1926), Director. This was the first Armenian movie. It was a tragic love story.[1]
  • Pepo (1935), director
  • Zangezur (1938), director
  • David-Bek (1943), co-scriptwriter, director. A movie about an 18th-century Armenian hero, David Bek (died 1728) who fought to free Armenia from the Ottoman Empire.[3]
  • Anahit (1947), director

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