Hanger steak

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Hanger steak
Beef Cuts
Alternative namesbutcher's steak, hanging tender, bistro steak
TypeCut of beef
Raw hanger steak

Hanger steak is a type of meat cut. It comes from the plate muscle like the skirt steak. It is similar to a flank steak. It is known to be a cheap and tender cut.[1]

It might be called the hanger steak as the muscle is hanged on the diaphragm.

Its U.S. meat-cut is grouped as NAMP 140.

Other terms[change | change source]

It was known as a butchers steak since butchers would previously keep the steak for themselves.

The hanger steak is becoming more popular in Europe. In Britain it is called a "skirt steak", not to be confused with the American skirt steak. In French it is known as the onglet, in Italian the lombatello, in Dutch the longhaas, in Polish the świeca wołowa, and in Spanish the solomillo de pulmón or entraña or entécula.[2]

Preparation[change | change source]

Hanger steak served in a meal.

Like other steak cuts, the hanger steak can be cooked with different methods.

References[change | change source]

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