Harris A. Smiler

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Harris A. Smiler was among the first four convicts to be executed by electrocution at Sing Sing Prison, in Ossining, New York. He was executed at age 32 on July 7, 1891, along with James Slocum (age 22), Joseph Wood (age 21) and Schihick Judigo (age 35). The fifth convict electrocuted at Sing Sing was Martin D. Loppy (age 51) on December 7, 1891. The rest of the first ten convicts electrocuted at Sing Sing were as follows: Charles McElvaine (age 20) on February 8, 1892, Jeremiah Cotte (age 40) on March 28, 1892, Fred McGuire (age 24) on December 19, 1892, James L. Hamilton (age 40) on April 3, 1893, and Carlyle Harris (age 23) on May 8, 1893. The electric chair was installed in Sing Sing Prison, in 1891, just a year after it was first used to execute William Kemmler at Auburn Prison, also in New York State. By the end of the decade, 29 inmates had been executed by this means.