Haskell-Baker Wetlands

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Trees sit in a wetland
An image of the Haskell-Baker Wetlands during the winter, looking north (2017).
Trees sit in wetland
The Haskell-Baker Wetlands during the spring.

The Haskell-Baker Wetlands is a nature preserve and wetlands.[1] It is 640 acres (2.6 km2) big, and it is south of Lawrence, Kansas, United States. It is grouped with the Wakarusa River. It is maintained by levees and flood controls built in the 1990s.[2]

Baker University owns 573 acres, which is most of the wetlands; Haskell Indian Nations University owns 27 acres; the Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks owns 20 acres; the University of Kansas owns 20 acres.[2]

In 1969, the National Park Service said the wetlands is a National Natural Landmark. The wetlands has 413 species of plants, 265 species of birds, and 61 other vertebrate species.[2]

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