Hatepe eruption

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Hatepe eruption
Lake taupo landsat.jpg
The Hatepe eruption's three main vents ran beside Lake Taupo's current southeast shore.
VolcanoTaupo Volcano
Date180 CE
TypePhreatomagmatic, Ultra-Plinian
LocationNorth Island, New Zealand
38°49′S 175°55′E / 38.817°S 175.917°E / -38.817; 175.917Coordinates: 38°49′S 175°55′E / 38.817°S 175.917°E / -38.817; 175.917
ImpactDestroyed local vegetation, expanded Lake Taupo, flooded the Waikato River

The Hatepe eruption was a volcanic eruption in 180 CE. It ranks a 7 on the Volcanic Explosivity Index. This eruption happened at the Taupo Volcano in New Zealand.