Hattrick (computer game)

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Developer(s) Hattrick Ltd.
Engine HTML, PHP
Platform(s) Computer, Mobile
Release 1997
Genre(s) online manager
Mode(s) Multiplayer

Hattrick is an online football manager game created by Björn Holmér. It was released on 20 August 1997. The game has an estimated user amount of 1.000.000 ( one million) spread in over 120 countries.

If one registers himself as user he will receive a team. The user will then play in a competition with other managers. The user has to care for the whole team. This can be done by buying and selling players, training players, creating tactics and by creating line ups.

Community[change | change source]

Hattrick has a 'strong' community. Because of that, not only the forums in-game are active but also those on external sites.

Hattrick Ltd.[change | change source]

Hattrick is property of Hattrick Ltd. The CEO is Johan Gustafson.

Other websites[change | change source]