Hawkeye (Marvel Comics)

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A cosplayer dressed up as Hawkeye

Hawkeye is a superhero created by Marvel Comics. Hawkeye's real name is Clinton Francis "Clint" Barton. In the live-action movie The Avengers (2012), Hawkeye is portrayed by Jeremy Renner.

Biography[change | change source]

Aliases Ronin, Goliath II, Golden Archer, the Marksman, Father Time, Longbow
Nicknames Clint
Place of birth Waverly, Iowa
First appearance Tales of Suspense #57 (September, 1964)
Publisher Marvel Comics

Real Name


Clinton Francis "Clint" Barton

Appearance[change | change source]

Gender male
Race Human
Height 6'3 // 191 cm
Weight 230 lb // 104 kg
Eye color Blue
Hair color Blond

Work[change | change source]

Occupation Adventurer
Base -

Relations[change | change source]

Relatives Harold Barton (father, deceased), Edith Barton (mother, deceased), Bernard Barton (brother, deceased), Barbara Morse (wife, deceased)
Group Affiliation Avengers, Thunderbolts, Avengers West Coast, Great Lakes Avengers, Shadows, Chain Gang, former partner of the Black Widow
Friends -
Enemies -


None. As Goliath, Barton used gases designed by Hank Pym to grow to great heights, with appropriate increases in strength and toughness. (He could also use them to shrink to minuscule size.)

Abilities Ronin is a world-class archer and marksman. His above average reflexes and hand-eye-coordination make him the most proficient archer ever known. He is also trained to throw knifes, darts, balls, bolas and boomerangs. He is natural athlete. He is also formidable unarmed combatant, thanks largelymore

Group Affililations Avengers; formerly founding member of Avengers West Coast and first chairman, Thunderbolts, S.H.I.E.L.D. (unofficial), Chain Gang 421-011, Shadows, Great Lakes Avengers, Cross Technological Enterprises, Defenders, Carson Carnival of Traveling Wonders, Tiboldt Circus (a.k.a.more

First Appearance (as Hawkeye) Tales of Suspense #57 (1964); (as Goliath) Avengers #63 (1969); (as Ronin) New Avengers #27 (2007)