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The Hazara University is a public university located in Dhodial town, Mansehra District, Hazara Division, Pakistan. The University has three main faculties: Science, Arts and Humanities and Health Sciences.[1] It offers BA, MA, MPhil and PhD study programs.

The university was founded in 2002;[2] It started work with very few resources and one small building for studies and a small administration block.

In the beginning, the university had many problems and until 2004 or 2005 mostly boys joined it to study, very few women were allowed by their families to go there.[3] This was because it was in a very conservative area where women were not encouraged to study. Slowly, more and more women started to join this university to get higher education.[4] Today, there are almost around 3000 women studying here and they have changed the attitudes of local people a lot.[source?]

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