Health bar (video games)

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A health bar is a image in video games that show the player how much health they have left. If the player's health bar is completely empty or the number shown is zero, the player will usually lose a life or die. Many games have health pick-ups that will give the player back lost health if they touch or use them. The health bar is used in many types of video games, including first-person shooters, fighter games, role-playing games, and platformers. Even though many first-person gives the player regenerating health instead of a health bar, there are still some shooter games that have health bars. Most fighter games use health bars, but there are some like the Super Smash Bros. games that measure health by damage percentage. In such games, the goals is to knock the opponent off stage, rather than kill the opponent, and the higher the damage percentage, the further attacks will knock the opponent off stage.