Health regeneration (video games)

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Health regeneration is a feature in video games where if the player takes damage, they can get back the health they lost if they wait and do not take any more damage. The first game with this feature was Punch Out!! for the Nintendo Entertainment System.

Many people think Halo was the first First-person shooter game to have health regeneration, but it was not. Health regeneration was not even in the first Halo game, but it was added in Halo 2 and was a feature in most Halo games since then. Even so, it has existed in shooter games before Halo.[1] Nonetheless, since Halo 2, it became more common to have have health regeneration instead of health bars and it later became standard in shooter games. Other shooter games that use health regeneration include the Call of Duty games, the Gears of War games, and the Sniper Elite games.

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