Heart and Souls

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Heart and Souls
Directed byRon Underwood
Written byGregory Hansen
Produced byNancy Roberts
Sean Daniel
StarringRobert Downey Jr.
Charles Grodin
Alfre Woodard
CinematographyMichael W. Watkins
Edited byO. Nicholas Brown
Music byMarc Shaiman
Distributed byUniversal Pictures
Release dates
June 24, 1993
Running time
93 min.

Heart and Souls is a 1993 movie.

Plot[change | change source]

The movie starts with the lives of four people. Harrison is a singer who is very shy and can not sing in front of other people. Milo, who is a con artist, tries to get a sheet of stamps he stole from a kid back but fails. Penny is a single mother who has three children to support. Julia loves her boyfriend but can not decide whether to live with him or not, since the boyfriend recently bought a farm for them to live on. All four of them get on a bus. The bus driver, Hal, crashes the bus and all of them are killed.

All four of them are "tied" to a birth of a baby boy named Thomas in a car that was driving near the bus. They must stay within a certain distance of him and cannot leave him. As Thomas grows up, his parents and teachers are very worried that he is talking to "imaginary people," since only Thomas can see the four people. Harrison, Milo, Penny, and Julia soon decide to disappear and not be a part of Thomas' life anymore.

Years later, Thomas has grown into a man that handles bankrupt companies. The four of them are still attached and have no choice but to follow him wherever he goes. Soon, Hal comes down and tells them they all need to go up to heaven. However, all four of them have not yet tied up all the loose ends in their lives. They learn that Thomas is supposed to help them resolve everything on Earth before they leave. They make themselves visible to Thomas and tell him he needs to help, but refuses at first. He agrees to do whatever they want after they take over his body – their new power as ghosts – and make him do crazy things at a board meeting.

Milo is the first one to finish up his life. Through Thomas, he breaks into a house and steals the stamps. He then gives it back to the kid from whom he stole it from, who is now an adult. The bus driver then comes down and sends him to heaven. Penny wants to know what happened to her children. Her friend has contact with her daughters, but lost contact of her adopted son years ago. The adoption records are sealed and only the adopted children themselves can ask for a court order.

Instead, Thomas decides to fulfill Harrison's last wish, which is to sing. Thomas breaks into a concert hosted by Billie King and sings the national anthem through Harrison. Afterwards, he is arrested by the police and pays money so he can get out of jail. Hal comes to pick Harrison up. Earlier in the movie, Thomas had told his girlfriend Anne that he could not come to the concert. After the concert is over, Anne and Thomas fight about it.

Thomas is mad and backs up very fast and hits a police officer's car, which turns out to be the same one that had arrested him earlier. The officer is very angry at first. He starts to sing a song to comfort his son. Penny recognizes the song as the one she used to sing to her son and realizes that the police officer is her son. Through Thomas, she hugs him and then happily goes to heaven.

Finally, Julia wants to know what happened to her boyfriend. She writes a note that says that she loves him. They go to the farm that he had bought. However, when they get there, they find that the boyfriend died a few years ago. Julia is upset. Hal comes to pick Julia up, but Thomas asks him to stall for time. Julia finally believes her purpose is to Thomas to never let happen what happened to her – to lose a partner. She tells him to tell Anne that he loves her. She then goes up to heaven.

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