Heart urchin

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Echinocardium cordatum.jpg
Echinocardium cordatum
Scientific classification

Lambert 1905

Heart urchins are burrowing echinoids. This life-style is similar to that of sand dollars, but the heart urchins belong to another group. Heart urchins belong to the Family Loveniidae in the Order Spatangoida.[1][2]

Echinocardium is the standard British heart urchin on sandy shores. Its spicules are converted to soft form, and they have sticky tube-feet which pass food to their gut. They can burrow up to five times their own height, and still keep connection with the surface for oxygenated water and food.[1]

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Pelagic early pluteus larva of Echinocardium cordatum
Spatangus purpureus: Heart urchin, from the Belgian continental shelf.