Heckler & Koch MSG90

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Heckler & Koch MSG90
The Heckler & Koch MSG90 on display
TypeSniper rifle
Place of origin Germany
Service history
In service1990–present
Used bySee Users
Production history
DesignerHeckler & Koch
Mass6.4 kg
Length1165 mm

Cartridge7.62×51mm NATO
ActionRoller-delayed blowback
Maximum firing range1000 meters
Feed system5 or 20 round magazine
SightsScope or iron sights
MSG90 on display.
Peruvian police officer from the rural tactical unit 'Los Sinchis' aiming a MSG90 at SITDEF 2023.

The Heckler & Koch MSG90 is a semi-automatic military sniper rifle. It is based on the PSG-1 from Heckler & Koch. The MSG90 shoots 7.62×51mm NATO ammunition. MSG90 stands for Militärisches Scharfschützengewehr. The 1990 part is the year was the sniper rifle was made.

History[change | change source]

The Heckler & Koch MSG90 was first introduced in 1987.[1] It uses a delayed blowback design the same as many other H&K rifles.[1] Based on the Heckler & Koch PSG1, it is designed for military and police use.[2] It was designed to meet the military specifications of the US Army's M24 Sniper Weapon System.[1]

It has several improvements over the PSG1. The barrel is lighter and shorter.[3] It is made using the cold hammer forging process.[3] The stock is adjustable and of a different shape.[3] The trigger is wider and has a 3.3 pounds (1.5 kg) trigger pull set from the factory.[1] It does not have open sights but comes with a 10-power Telescopic sight.[1]

Where the PSG1 did not stand up to rough handling on the battlefield, the MSG90 is designed just for that kind of service.[4] The model MSG90A1 has a threaded barrel designed to accept a suppressor.[4] The later MSG90A2 was a lighter and sturdier design.[4]

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