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Hedda (Hedvig Katarina) Hjortsberg, (1777-1867), was a Swedish ballerina. She was the sister of Swedish actor Lars Hjortsberg. She became a student of the French ballet-master Louis Gallodier in 1786, at the age of nine. Between 1791 and 1806 she was a premier-dancer at the Royal Swedish Opera in Stockholm. She danced the parts of Lucile in the pantomime ballet Det dubbla giftermålet by Jean Marcadet in the 1790-1719 season, Leonore in Enleveringen by Louis Deland, and Diana in Diana och Kärleken by Deland in 1800-1801. She also performed the part of Venus in Venus och Adonis by Deland in 1801-1802, and Frosine in Dansvurmen by Gardel in 1803-1804. When the Opera was opened again in 1809 after it had been closed since 1806, she performed with her five year old daughter in Dansvurmen. Hjortsberg married the businessman Erik Samuel Koersner in 1804, and Abraham Hülphers in 1811, and after that, she danced only as a guest-artist.

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