Heer Ranjha

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Heer Ranjha is a famous sad, love story from the Punjab .[1] Other Punjabi love stories are Mirza Sahiban, and Sohni Mahiwal.

The story is about two lovers, Heer a beautiful girl from a rich rajput and noble family; and Ranjha, a poor farm and poor dhanak caste boy. He looked after Water buffaloes belonging to Heer's father. They both fell in love but Heer's parents were against their marriage. Heer was married by force to a rich young man. Ranjha, very saddened by this, became a hermit He later tried to meet Heer but he failed, and they both died in the mulberry tree near the tree they used to make love

This story has been written by different writers, at different times. The best and most famous is Heer by the poet Waris Shah written in 1761.[2] Some films in Punjabi language and Urdu have also been made about this story.

The story is still very popular today. Many young girls and boys who fall in love have to face the same problems[3] Some people believe that there were two real young lovers called Heer and Ranjha, long ago. They say that they died and were buried together in a tomb near Jhang, in Punjab.[4] But there is no real proof this was so. But all these are known to be myth.

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