Hei elei, kuck elei

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Hei elei, kuck elei
GenreNews magazine
Created byJean Octave
Presented byJean Octave
Country of originLuxembourg
Original language(s)Luxembourgish
No. of seasons22
Original networkRTL TV
Audio formatMono
Original releaseSeptember 21, 1969 –
October 20, 1991 (1991-10-20)

Hei elei, kuck elei (English: Here they are, look at them) was the title of a television show in the Luxembourgish language (the first ever), which was broadcast between the 21st September 1969 and the 21st October 1991 on Sunday afternoons between 1:00 p.m. and 1:45 p.m. (later until 3:00 p.m.) on the frequency of Télé Luxembourg (in the end it was also broadcast by RTLplus.

It was produced by CLT. The editor-in-chief and main moderator was Jean Octave, and in later broadcasts, Lucien Michels also (co-)moderated various broadcasts. The program usually consisted of a weekly review, and occasional reports, debates, music or theater performances, etc.

The initiator of this magazine was the former general director of the CLT, Gust Graas . It was also he who suggested the name "Hei elei, kuck elei".

In the 1980s, RTL-Hei also produced and showed four fiction films: Die zwem vm Bierg (in 6 episodes), E Fall fir sech, E Lieve laang and De falschen Hond.

Hei elei kuck elei was established in October 1991 to be replaced by a daily broadcast in Luxembourgish, RTL-Hei elei (which was to be renamed RTL Télé Lützeburg in September 1995).

The name is a verse from the operetta D'Mumm Séis by Edmond de la Fontaine.

It is probably the most famous Luxembourgish phrase in the Netherlands . This comes from the fact that, when RTL launched a television program in Dutch (RTL Veronique, today's RTL4), this program had to be officially "Luxembourgish", because it did not have a Dutch license and was only allowed to be broadcast as a "foreign" program Cable networks are included. Therefore, around midnight, when the program was over, or early in the morning, before it started, "Hei elei, kuck elei" was broadcast. Especially among young people, it had a certain cult status to watch "Hei elei" before (or after) going out and enjoy the successful program.

Since September 2012, RTL Télé Luxembourg has been showing a rebroadcast of Hei elei from Sunday 30 years ago every Sunday.

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