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Helka Hynninen (born 21 May 1930, in Vesanto)[1] is a Finnish singer and songwriter. Hynninen owned a farm in Mikkeli. Before 1976, she was known in the area near Vesanto but not famous throughout Finland. In the summer of 1980, Hynninen gave a performance for Finnish-Americans in Lake Worth, Florida in the United States. Since then, she has performed in the United States many times. She performed for the Finland Society at the Atlanta Summer Olympics in 1996.

Hynninen sang her most popular song (Lapsuusajan maisemissa, in English Landscapes of childhood) in 1976.[2]

Most popular songs[change | change source]

  • Landscapes of childhood (Lapsuusajan maisemissa)
  • Daughter Waltz (Tyttären valssi)
  • Moose Men's polka (Hirvimiesten humppa)

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