Hemliga byrån

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Hemliga byrån
Origin Örebro, Sweden
Genres synthpop
Years active 1980-?
Past members
Sören Olsson, Anders Jacobsson, "Kalle Kod", "Agent 2,14", "Jutta mä smyg"

Hemliga byrån was a Swedish synthpop group with Swedish writers Anders Jacobsson and Sören Olsson. One of their most famous songs, Hej, hej, hemskt mycket hej, became a 1987 Svensktoppen hit.[1] Another famous song was Hjärtattack. They also acted as house band for the TV series Trollkontroll in 1990, featuring a music video in each episode.

Discography[change | change source]

  • 1986 - Hej, Hej, hemskt mycket hej: vinyl single
  • 1987 - Hej, Hej, hemskt mycket hej: LP album
  • 1987 - Attji: vinyl single
  • 1987 - Tidlösa tiden: vinyl single with Ko-Benkes Trio
  • 1990 - Hjärtattack: vinyl single
  • 1990 - Det ska va körv: vinyl single

References[change | change source]