Henry Hudson

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Henry Hudson
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BornUnknown date, c. 1565
Disappeared23 June 1611 (aged 45–46)
James Bay, North America
Other namesHendrick Hudson (in Dutch)
Occupation(s)Sea explorer, navigator
Years active1607–1611 (as explorer)
Known for
ChildrenJohn Hudson (c. 1591–1611)
Hudson's map of the North Atlantic

Henry Hudson (1565 – disappeared 23 June 1611) was an English explorer and navigator in the 1600s. He was well known for discovering the Hudson River and the Hudson Bay.[1]

Hudson was trying to find a northwest passage to Cathay (present day China).[2] He tried twice before he found it. Hudson discovered the Hudson Bay and Hudson River in North America. He claimed the Hudson Bay for England along with other pieces of land. He was working for the Dutch when he found the Hudson River. He found it in 1609 when he was looking for a way to get from North America to Asia by water. This was named the Northwest Passage. On September 11, 1609, he found what is now New York City.

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