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Heropanti (transl. Heroic antics) is an 2014 Indian Hindi-language romantic action film. It was directed by Sabbir Khan and produced by Sajid Nadiadwala. It stars Tiger Shroff and Kriti Sanon in their Hindi film debuts, alongside Prakash Raj in a supporting role. It is the remake of the Telugu film Parugu.[1] The film received mixed reviews, who appreciated performances of ensemble cast, action sequences performed by Shroff, and cinematography, but criticized the screenplay, pace, and narration. It was released on May 23, 2014.

Directed bySabbir Khan
Written bySanjeev Dutta
Story byBhaskar
Based onParugu
by Bhaskar
Produced bySajid Nadiadwala
StarringTiger Shroff
Kriti Sanon
Prakash Raj
CinematographyHari Vedantam
Edited byNaman Gurjar
Music bySongs:
Manj Musik
Mustafa Zahid
Sandeep Shirodkar
Distributed byUTV Motion Pictures
Release date
  • 23 May 2014 (2014-05-23)
Running time
146 minutes[1]
Budget25 crore (US$3.3 million)[1]
Box officeest. 72.6 crore (US$9.5 million)[1]

Plot[change | change source]

Suraj Singh Chaudhary is a very strict patriarch of the Jat family from Haryana and is a well-respected leader in his village and brothers. When Renu, Chaudhary's elder daughter, elopes with her boyfriend, Rakesh, on the night of her marriage, Chaudhary decides to find them at any cost. His brothers and henchmen round up Rakesh's friends, including one Bablu, and hold them captive till they tell of the couple's whereabouts. They say to him that they do not know anything, but no one believes them. Meanwhile, Bablu tells his friends that he is in love with a girl of that town, whom he does not know, and he only has her dropped earring as a clue. The friends manage to escape one day, but Bablu gets a glimpse of the girl and stops in his tracks, and the boys are caught because of him.

Meanwhile, Chaudhary's younger daughter and Renu's sister, Dimpy, find Renu's love letters and tries to get rid of them, but the letters unintentionally end up in the hands of Bablu and his friends. Bablu uses them as leverage and gets Dimpy to help him find the girl he loves in exchange for Renu's location. That night, Bablu escapes and enters the house during a blackout, then ends up drunk. Dimpy finds Bablu, and he gives her the earring he discovered that belongs to the girl he fell in love with. She realizes that the girl Bablu saw was none other than Dimpy, but she stays silent.

When Chaudhary's men almost succeed in locating Renu and Rakesh, Bablu helps them escape and board a bus without detection. When his friends confront him about his deceit, Bablu defends himself, which Dimpy overhears. She inadvertently reveals this to her uncle, who demands that she identify who helped Rakesh and Renu elope. They figure out that it was Bablu and he realises that the girl he loves is none other than Dimpy. He tells Chaudhary that Rakesh-Renu are in Delhi when they threaten to kill his friends.

Bablu and his friends and Dimpy accompany Chaudhary and his men to Delhi to find the couple. At this juncture, Dimpy is kidnapped by some local goons, who attempt to rape her. Bablu manages to locate her in time and beats up the goons, winning Chaudhary's trust. In the morning, while Dimpy confesses her love to Bablu, Chaudhary spots Renu and Rakesh and chases after them, with Bablu and Chaudhary's men following close behind. They manage to catch up to them, but when Renu talks back to her father, Chaudhary is heartbroken. When Renu and Rakesh are about to be killed as punishment, Renu confesses that she is pregnant. Chaudhary decides to spare their lives, but at a cost – openly claiming that Renu is no more to him.

The group returns home, and Chaudhary arranges Dimpy's marriage with Rajjo. Bablu realizes that he misses Dimpy too much. He and his friends return for the wedding to get Dimpy to elope with Bablu. However, Chaudhary is frightened when Bablu returns after finding out about Dimpy and Bablu's love. He keeps a close eye on Bablu and Dimpy. When Chaudhary confronts Bablu, Bablu tells him that he understands how Chaudhary felt when Renu ran away from home and promised him that he would not elope with Dimpy.

When Bablu and his friends are about to leave, Rajjo arrives & beats up Bablu, but Bablu fights back and defeats him when Rajjo insults Bablu and Dimpy. They are, however, stopped at the last moment by Chaudhary. He realizes that Dimpy will only be happy if she is with Bablu and lets Bablu and Dimpy reunite. Chaudhary and the other Jat community people agree to permit inter-caste and love marriages, and Chaudhary accepts Renu back as his daughter.

Cast[change | change source]

References[change | change source]

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